A cup of tea, an empty house and three hours of YouTube videos lined up.

We all joke about the stark contrast between you ‘last Friday’ dressed to the nines and out until 3am and ‘this Friday’ where you’re in bed in clothes made just for the house with a shit tonne of food and ready to binge my new-found love of Shane and Ryland.

However, I’ve found myself progressively being more and more happy about avoiding the elusive night out. Ironically enough, as I am typing this I am planning a night out tonight. The idea of everyone else leaving, the house is quiet and me being tucked up in bed is my idea of bliss.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do like going out. I love making plans and actually doing them where I travel, do exciting things and see people I love. But this doesn’t mean I want to do it 24/7. I do resonate with the whole trend of being an “extroverted introvert”. I am happy alone in my room and I’m not adverse to deliberately cancelling plans to do so but I do love going out. I just don’t choose it very much.

This isn’t a shocking revelation for someone to make, of course. It may be considered a bit more of a heavy blow when you take into account that I’m a university student. There is never a more obvious stereotype of us than the idea that we are constantly drinking and out until 4am most nights. I swear if I ever tell anybody ‘I’m tired’ it is just wildly considered that I’ve been drinking. Girl, no. I may have been up until 2am, but that is because I’m binging The Good Place. The other stereotype? That mummy and daddy are funding these drinking expeditions. But that is definitely for another time.

Honestly, the last time I got anywhere near a club was a solid 4 months ago and it didn’t end well. I think I just never really see the fascination with drinking. I don’t see any joy in potentially wiping out the next day, checking your bank account to see you’ve spent £30 and have nothing to show for it and making questionable decisions. Oh my god is it undeniable that some of the funniest and crazy memories have happened to people while they’re out and drinking but all my ‘cherished’ moments in life haven’t exactly occurred that way. Realistically, some of my worst memories also involve alcohol.

The idea of spending £6+ (I do relish the fact that I live in the North so these prices are significantly cheaper than London!) just to get into a club where it is hot, loud, sticky and I’m probably going to be inappropriately touched isn’t my number one way to spend a night. There is nothing like a group of mates screaming and running to dance to your favourite song but, hey, I’d much rather value a coffee date where I got to speak to them more and see how they’re doing.

Again, I love getting dressed up and going out but the same applies to a lovely meal where I have, on max, one or two drinks. I am just unconvinced that going out and getting royally trashed adds any value and happiness to my life that others things don’t/ I’ve tried it and nah, not really for me.

What isn’t fair is comments about people who decide it isn’t for them. There is nothing intrinsically horrific, shocking, or boring about not wanting to drink. Equally, there is also nothing wrong with going out several times a week. People can do as they please when they please. You do you.

So, I think I’ve come to the point where I just accept that I like being in. It isn’t fun to force yourself to go out, just to keep up appearances. I’m not for anybody doing things they don’t want to do, just for the benefit of others. I remember reading a Fashion Slave post like over 2 years ago when I first started reading blogs about a similar topic and she said something I completely agree with… It should just be accepted that you don’t have to send a text out that is a blatant lie, just because you want to cancel plans to go out. It is perfectly cool to say “hey, actually, I want to just spend a night in tonight”. Pizza date? Hell yeah.

So, with my diet coke in hand, I toast you to a happy night in. With no guilty conscience.






I do have my long-ass “Is Being Selfish A Bad Thing” post in the making but due to family problems, I haven’t been able to finish it off and get it posted. Instead, I thought I would show you guys the mood boards that I have created in the past few days. These mood boards are for when I move this year and I thought it was a perfect way to start visualising what I’m after when it comes to decor. It also helps to begin putting together the things I have in various boxes to make it appear like a room that has a functioning theme and colour scheme.

I have 5 mood boards to show you and they may not be to everyone’s taste but I hope there is something there you all like. I’m not very good at things like this but hey, why not share it!


My bedroom mood board is very similar to what I currently have in my room at university. I already have these cushions, for example. If you’re interested, the pink fluffy is from Primark, the grey one is Next and so is the sequin one. Their cushion page is linked here.

I really like the whole white, grey and millennial pink vibes with hints of copper. I have been copper crazy for a while, in fact it was one the topic of my first ever posts, so it is very fitting to continue it into my next house.

The white bedroom furniture is from IKEA and is the HEMNES range. I literally love this range. The simple white with black handles is so lovely and it is, obviously, such a great price. I have linked the range here.

Something else I love are the desenio prints. Now who doesn’t have a desenio print nowadays?! They’re £6.95 each online and they have 3 similar designs. I essentially thought they would look great framed above the bed. They also really reminded me of a Picasso line drawing that I remembered from Barcelona. The desenio prints are linked here.

Another mention is the marble laundry basket. When did I get interested in stuff like this? I feel like such a real adult. This one is just £12 and is from Matalan. I prefer this type of laundry basket because it actually stands up by itself, unlike the weird bag style one I currently have – rookie mistake. The laundry basket is linked here.

Soo, very boring conversation aside…The last thing I wanted to mention is this marble coffee table. I basically got this insane marble coffee table off Facebook market place a few weeks ago for TWENTY FIVE POUNDS. It looks incredible and I’m thinking of using it as a replacement for a side table. These kind of tables can retail for ridiculous amounts and I really struggled to find something similar for under £150. Bargain!

Living Room

The living room is something I am really excited about. Raff, who I am going to be living with is a massive colour fan – something I cannot get behind. I like the extensive colour palette of white, grey and black. This is my comfort zone. But I thought I would try and incorporate some mustard in with grey and I am really happy with it.

I can just imagine a grey sofa with these cute tassel mustard cushions on them. Cute cute cute.

These cheese plant vibes are just everything too. I am loving the idea of covering the house in plants. Probably a lot of fake ones as I doubt I can keep anything alive though. These prints are (shock horror) from desenio. Like the others, they are £6.95 each and they have loads of similar ones available. I have linked one of them here. I equally love these Sass and Belle coasters. They’re ceramic and they’re honestly fab. I was a bit nervous to spend £12 on coasters because I am a frugal little thing but they are amazing quality and totally worth it. I have linked them here.

Again, I have featured the IKEA HEMNES range which is linked on the previous mood board if you’re interested.

Lastly, I wanted to mention these cute grey and white vases. They actually come with a yellow one too but the online photo made it look far more yellow than it actually is. The set of three are £14 altogether and I love them. My mum picked them up for me for Christmas and I can’t wait to use them. I have linked them here for you.


The kitchen has some serious white and gold vibes going on. This stemmed from a few purchases I made around Christmas. I bought these very extra M&S letter water glasses – just before realising our initials spell EAR. They went in the sale for £4 each down from £8 and so aren’t available anymore, sadly. The closest I found were these from Anthropologie, linked here.

Speaking of Anthropologie, for Christmas Mum bought me the Mimira mug and bowl which are white and speckled with gold. I am obsessed. I have also linked the range here for you.

Matching the Sass & Belle coasters, I have also picked up the matching tea towel which I think is a great way to continue the green throughout the downstairs of the house. It is £6 and linked here. Sass & Belle is one of my favourite brands and I love the little pieces that they do.

I also recently picked up these cool gold kitchen utensils and gold geometric fruit bowl from Next in their sale. However, if you have a quick Google, I’m sure you can find something similar.



The bathroom is where I haven’t got as much colour going on. I am hoping (if Raff and Adam allow me to) to keep it as white and grey as possible and again, have plants wherever it is possible to add colour. I’m imaging like a whole windowsill of succulents?

One of my favourite things for the bathroom is this bath mat. I actually got this from Primark for under £6 but it is an amazing dupe for the Urban Outfitter’s mats that retail from £20-30. I have linked one very similar here.

Another little find is this woven basket. I’ve seen these all over ASOS recently from a brand called Pimkie. I have a few tops from them but I had no idea that they did homeware too?! They have these woven baskets online from £10-13 but they are mostly sold out now. However, these baskets are really popular at the moment so I’m sure a quick Google can bring up something similar.


“Other” Room

You’re probably wondering what the hell the “other” room is? It is essentially the room that we’re planning to have which will be a games room/office space/spare room for when other people stay over.

These little chalkboard black and brown drawers from Typo inspired me to look into another colour scheme and theme and I’m absolutely loving the black metal, dark wood, industrial look that I have going on – mixed with soft cream furnishings. The Typo drawers, if you’re interested, are only £12 and they’re super cute! I have linked them here.

The little black sign in the bottom right corner is from Primark and is some super cheesy Harry Potter merch I have managed to wiggle in. It is basically a bunch of arrows to various places like “The Hog’s Head” etc.

I also love all the moon phases and constellation prints and think these would look great as a gallery/feature wall. You can find a lot of these on etsy and not on the high street which is where I found these two. Desenio more than likely have some too!

Lastly, I love all the industrial, wire and exposed bulb lamps. This one isn’t featured but is a similar design and is only £20. Iconic lights seem to have some amazing designs and are definitely a brand I will be checking out when it comes to buying new things for the house. I have linked the lamp here.


I hope you guys liked this post! What is your home style? Do you use mood boards or Pinterest?


Tattoos have been something I have always loved and found myself drawn to. I got my first one on my 18th birthday, the second just after my 21st and my most recent one was in January this year. I know that I only have three and some people are covered head to toe but you guys voted to hear more about my tats and what they mean!

If you like tattoos, I did a Pinterest tattoo post a while back which is linked here, if you need some inspiration.

My Roman Numeral Tattoo

This was the first tattoo I ever got. It was done at a small place in Cambridge which, since meeting Avalon, I wouldn’t recommend. I think my naivety really showed with my first which is probably to be expected. I would totally recommend speaking to as many people as you can with tattoos that you like and find someone who suits you. Make sure you speak to the person doing your tattoo before you get it because everyone has a different style!

The Meaning 

My roman numerals stand for my mum’s birth year – MCMLVII is 1957. If you know my age, you can probably figure out that my mum was 39/40 when she had me. A controversial topic to say the least but I’m sure we can agree that she was older compared to a lot of other mothers when they have their first child. Side note: I am also her only child. For me, the tattoo means a lot more than just being my mum’s birth year. Those who are very close to me are probably aware of the deeper side of this tattoo which I’m not totally prepared to share with the world. Briefly, it is a reminder. A reminder to love, to care and when it comes to having my own children – to be the best mother I can be. I wanted this tattoo to remind me to be a good person and treat others well, as well as treat myself well too. It keeps me in check for my present and my future, essentially.

I had wanted to get this tattoo for absolutely years and the meaning behind it is so lasting and personal that I know I will never change my mind about it – making it the perfect first tattoo.

Price, Pain and Experience

When you have your first tattoo, you’ll probably do what I did and gear myself up for some indescribable, catastrophic pain. This isn’t great for your nerves beforehand but honestly helped when having it done. If you prepare yourself for the worst, it is almost guaranteed to be better than you expect. A rib tattoo is a weird pain too. It feels like a sharp(?) vibration across your bones and at points it was unbearable and others it was fine. A proper mixed bag. I paid £70 for mine and it took around 35-40 mins. Quick, easy and relatively pain-free.

The people were lovely in there but compared to my following experiences, they have nothing on Avalon and how comfortable she made me feel. I wouldn’t go back to the place where I had this tattoo done, in short.

My Geometric Cat Tattoo

Now this tattoo is the one that the majority of people like the most. I had wanted a cat tattoo for about 6/7 years but never decided on the right one. My cat, Bradley, is like my little furry best friend. He means the world to me and I am a certified crazy cat lady because of it. I wanted something that would always remind me of him but for some reason, it took me another 3 years to get a tattoo booked in! My tattoo ended up being my 21st birthday present to myself. This time I went to a place closer to home that was recommended to me and it was totally worth it. Another obvious tip, but look up their work. Avalon had an amazing Instagram page which made me significantly more confident to go and see her.

Again, I went for a ribs tattoo because I like to have tattoos in places where I can cover them if I need to as unfortunately not a lot of places are as open-minded as they should be about tattoos, ey.

The Meaning

I have briefly mentioned already but my cat, Bradley, was like having a best friend or sibling that always wanted cuddles when I was growing up. I often found myself in a lot of traumatic experiences when I was younger and having him around was like a living comfort blanket. He is my first pet and he made me the cat-obsessed woman I am. The hardest thing is knowing he is ageing while I am at university and I don’t have him around to care for. The geometric design was chosen because I loved the simplicity and I knew that I was much less likely to end up disliking it.

Price, Pain and Experience

Funnily enough, I was accidentally double booked for this tattoo so I got a £10 discount. I believe it was supposed to be £70 but I only paid £60 in the end. The pain was definitely worse this time, despite it being on my ribs again. I definitely hadn’t geared myself up like I had the first time around! However, it was a really quick tattoo (about 30 or so minutes) and it was never unbearable to the point where I had to stop.

The one thing I found harder was my lack of things to focus on. I often find that I can control how painful I find something by focusing on something else and when getting my first tattoo, I so conveniently happened to be lying where I had a lot to read. This wasn’t the case the second time and it meant I often ended up thinking about the pain. Not fun.

My Flower Tattoo

This is my most recent tattoo and the artsiest of them, for sure. It is a lot more visible than my previous two but I kind of like that as I can still keep it covered when I want to.

The Meaning

This was definitely a more spur of the moment tattoo for me. Again, I had wanted something to represent my auntie for so long but I could never decide what was fitting. One day this idea clicked and I booked in instantly. Compared to my previous three-year gap, this was just a few months which is crazy for me!

My auntie suffered from Marfan and passed away in January 2004. She was only 39 and it breaks my heart that she passed so young. She was an incredible woman and I really wanted to have something keeping us together. The story behind the flower is actually really personal too. My grandma puts down one flower, unique to all the others, whenever she visits her grave. This is something she has done for years now and it means there is always a little part of me and her, amongst all the others. I, therefore, decided to stick with having just one little flower to reflect this.

Price, Pain and Experience

I paid £50 for this tattoo which is a total bargain in my opinion. The pain was something I was really nervous about because I had only had rib tattoos before so I had no idea what to expect. Honestly, I couldn’t believe how little this hurt. Like, you could barely feel it?! If you’re interested in tattoos but the pain puts you off, the inner arm was perfectly fine and I would definitely recommend it! It probably took around 30 minutes and like my others, was quite small so I didn’t have to sit through it for a long time.

Avalon is extremely talented (her Instagram page is linked here) and this kind of tattoo is much more her style than my previous one. She did a fantastic job and the detail when you see it up close is phenomenal.

I would also like to say that I have always had my tattoos heal amazingly well. I use bepanthen on them 2/3 times a day and on the first day, I wash the tattoo gently at night, just with lukewarm water and recover it with cling film. However, every tattoo artist recommends different things so I could be totally wrong!

Do you have any tattoos? Are there any you really like or would like to get?


Now that I have submitted my final two essays I can get round to writing this post that I have been really excited to do!

2017 was just such a rollercoaster. What ever happened to us? We said goodbye to so many icons and legends, we faced political chaos and Mother Nature well and truly hurled some real shit back at us. On top of this (and significantly more trivial, I must add) there were way too many trends that made me audibly roll my eyes. So, without further ado, here are 6 things we need to leave in 2017.

Side note: This is a pretty light-hearted post – do let me know if you would like me to delve into more serious topics like politics, feminism etc – so, in general, I’m just referring to silly trends rather than global issues that I am more than aware need addressing.

Snapchat Streaks

This is probably the one trend that makes me feel 102 years old. I do not understand Snapchat steaks and I don’t understand why they’re even a thing. On the occasional chance I use Snapchat and notice a little emoji next to someone’s name, I have to do a quick little Google to figure out what the hell it means. Why are there so many different ones?! It’s like another language. It actually baffles me that this is a trend and it is something we really need to leave behind in 2017. I’m fairly sure I have seen news stories about various horrific circumstances where children have broken down or lost their minds that they lost a steak. Is it really worth sending meaningless photos to each other constantly to maintain a “streak”? Na, not for me. I even looked up news articles on Business Insider from teenager’s perspective who labelled them an example of “friendship” and ending them has “consequences”. Honestly, if you have a friendship that can be broken over a Snapchat streak, it isn’t worth the time.

X Factor/Big Brother/Britain’s Got Talent

I think it has slowly become obvious that these shows are on a downward spiral. I don’t deny that they do still feature some incredible acts with talents that really should be shared and celebrated but in a desperate attempt at harnessing views, I feel like there is significant emphasis on shock acts who get voted in every episode over people with exceptional talents. I just find it heartbreaking that people who deserve a real shot are booted for no valid reason. I remember when I would spend my evenings watching every show, and now The Guardian quotes that “The 14th series of The X Factor kicked off with the lowest viewing figures since the show first began in 2004”. I feel like these shows are holding on for as long as possible and it just doesn’t have the spark and entertainment value that I used to love.

Fidget Spinners

It bothers me so much that fidget spinners became a craze in 2017. They are often used for stress relief and to benefit people who suffer from attention disorders. Unfortunately, the craze left a lot of schools and other educational institutions banning them and the potential benefits they could have for others was shattered. At first, I was mildly impressed with some of the tricks people could do but after seeing them everywhere – in shops, on clothes, adverts, I was over it very quickly. What saddens me more is the original inventor lost the patent because she couldn’t afford to renew it and struggles to make ends meet. I know it is one of those “life is tough, shit happens” moments but I feel like she is deserving of the money from such a craze and isn’t benefiting at all from her creation.

Donald Trump (Especially The Tweeting)

I mean… I don’t really need to say too much here, do I? I am so fed up with every single day seeing another article about his racism, utter incompetence and sexist views. It baffles me how he ever got to be President and the huge step back it has been for the country. What I find even more troubling is that even though, en masse, people ridicule him on social media and protest where they can, if you open any tweet of his, there are often strings and strings of positive, supportive replies that believe what he is saying is true. I opened one of his pathetic responses to the assumed attack on Haiti and other nations where replies included, “We finally have a leader who is not afraid to make the tough decisions. Who cares if he uses colorful language sometimes?” and “have all the trust n U,Mr. President.Thank you 4 not allowing our nation 2fall”. It just baffles me. How?! Can we just leave him in 2017 and have the Obamas back please!

Mermaids and Unicorns

They were kind of cute at first and then it totally transcended into the world of weird and annoying. I can’t begin to count how many times I picked up a mug or notebook thinking it looked nice only to be faced with a horrible pun about some weird cat-mermaid hybrid. I mean what?! When did that become a thing?! I mean, just imagine… “Oh what a lovely water bottle, I could do with one of these. Oh… ‘Mermaid Squad’…” No. No no nope. Not for me. “Ahh maybe this water bottle will do! ‘Being a unicorn is thirsty work’. Ohhh….right”. These are both slogan water bottles on New Look and as cute as some of them can be, it is just overkill now and I’m not here for it.

Social Media Witch Hunts – Social Blade

Well, 2017 was definitely the year for social media witch hunts. I think this is probably one of the top things that I hope we can leave behind. It is unnecessary, and often very bitchy and cruel and not something that we should be comfortable participating in. There is a fine line between calling someone out on something bad they’ve done and launching a personal and scathing attack that would leave anybody feeling broken. I have seen some social media attacks that have shocked me so much and I can’t imagine that person being sat at home, reading tweets that are telling them to kill themselves and other nasty comments. A good example of this in the blogging community is the misuse of Social Blade. I know that one genuine influencer was harshly attacked for supposedly buying followers as one day they had a sharp spike in engagement and so on. In fact, what had actually happened was that a high profile YouTuber had mentioned them which created a flurry of support to head on over. This wasn’t the only example I saw too. I could say a lot more on this but I’ll save it for another time!

Ahh, well that was a good ol’ moan wasn’t it! I feel like I got to express how some trends of 2017 (and prominent figures…) were not beneficial to us at all and it would be great if we could wave goodbye to them in 2018! What trends in 2017 did you hate? Anything you wish we could leave behind?





If you are a long time reader of my blog, you would be aware that I used to do monthly goals. When I decided to completely overhaul my blog, I did away with them and I definitely think my ability to stick to goals has suffered since. Please do let me know if you would like to see them back again!

But as it is the month of making goals and resolutions, I thought it was the perfect time to talk through some of my goals for 2018. 2018 is a really big year for me, personally and academically and I have some pretty big goals to share with you. Some of these are also intertwined with moments I am looking forward to in 2018 too.


  • Surround myself with more positive people and do not feel guilty about cutting ties with those who are toxic, negative or make me feel bad about myself. There are definitely a lot of people I surround myself with already that bring such positivity and inspiration in to my life and I always try to acknowledge them for how great they are – specifically, Katie who I help at the Hospice, Raff who is one of my closest friends and Nikki and Robyn who I have only grown closer and closer with recently and I love to pieces. However, I do have people who I know aren’t the best for me, especially my mental wellbeing, and it would do me some good to cut ties this year.
  • I read 21 books this year, which surpassed my goal of 18(!), but I want to read even more in 2018. I want to set myself the goal of reading 25 books. I have a Good Reads page too if you want to check it out – linked here.
  • Be vigilant when it comes to maintaining my oral health and hygiene and really care about my braces. I get clear braces fitted very soon and I am super excited to feel more confident (in around 16 months time…) but I know that the progress depends on my ability to be proactive and determined.
  • I want to enter myself into the York 10k this year and raise money for a Marfan charity.
  • Get another tattoo to remember my Auntie Tina who passed away when I was younger.
  • Better my anxiety when flying as I have a pretty long flight coming up in April when Adam and I travel to America for the first time.


  • To graduate. I guess that the big ol’ heffa of a goal. I mean, it is almost inevitable, obviously, but I’ve got to acknowledge that one! It is such a big step into the real world and I want to graduate and be proud of what I have achieved over the past three years in York.
  • Really focus on my studies. I am literally in the home stretch now as I don’t personally have a summer term and I want to really succeed and prove my abilities. I finish on March 12th and I want it to be the best 2 months I can make it.


  • As you’ve just seen, I have a lot on my plate academically so trying to fit in blogging is both important but also not my biggest priority. I had a big love-hate relationship with blogging at the end of 2017 and I want to improve that. I get comments, quite often, about people who enjoy my content and I find it a great space to be in but the amount of knocks I received from going self-hosted has made it a difficult journey. I want to be more focused and try to write at least once a week again. If not, more!
  • Learn more about being self hosted and how I can make it work for me. I mean there are so many ways to benefit from being self hosted and so many reasons why people choose this route so I want to learn how to tailor it to myself so I can make the most of ellamaygarrett.com. My experience of going self hosted is linked here if you’re interested.

The Big Ol’ Life Goals

Finally, these are more of acknowledgment of the big life changes that I’m going to face in 2018!

  • As I’ve already mentioned, graduate and be proud of what I have achieved.
  • Get myself a job in Events, starting my career and enjoy my work as much as possible.
  • Start renting in York with my best friend and boyfriend.

So, that is all I have for you! What are your resolutions for 2018?