I will be the first to hold my hands up and say I was excited to go to Prague but didn’t expect to fall in love with a city like I did Barcelona.

I have to admit… I did fall in love!

If you want to see more travel posts I have linked my Barcelona Lookbook and my Top 5 Tips for Barcelona.

I mean look at this photo?! The buildings in Prague are the most beautiful, detailed and historic I have seen in ages and every street was completely picturesque.

If you love travelling but find it quite a financial ordeal, Prague is also perfect.

Even down some of the most touristy areas, we grabbed large pizzas and a drink for around £7 each which is such good value – as well as it being amazing food too!

Also, beer in Prague is renowned for being cheap (about the same as a Diet Coke to be exact!) so if you do like a casual drink or two, it won’t break the bank.

The sites in Prague are just stunning and I found that so many things they had to offer were totally original and unique compared to other tourist cities. We went to the John Lennon Wall (photo below) which is a graffiti wall with so much culture and emotion behind it. I’ve never seen anything quite like it!

On a side note, if you love toy shops or have children, there is a crazy big Hamleys that has a slide and an ornate carousel inside!

On the last day Adam and I visited The Apple Museum as I knew beforehand that it was forecast to thunderstorm. It was quite pricey for such a small museum but it was an attraction completely different to anything we had done before. I have also included a photo of some of the Apple laptops they had displayed because it looked so cool. Steve Jobs was a phenomenal person and it was nice to learn more about his business ventures.

The transport in Prague is also super easy to navigate and understand – considering the language differences.

We used the metro to get around when the journey was long or the weather was terrible and it was great. You pay 48 CZK each for 30 minutes of travel, so around £1.70 which I think is pretty good. They only have 3 lines and everything is signposted so switching lines or knowing where your stop is, isn’t a nightmare at all and so easy!

As I mentioned earlier, the history in Prague is so rich. You can do tours and visit museums that focus on the rule of Communism or WW2 or you can marvel at the famous astronomical clock which was installed in 1410 and is one of the most amazing masterpieces of its time. So if you love history, it’s one for you!

Have you ever visited Prague?



I had the joy of spending last weekend in Centerparcs and I had the most amazing time. My boyfriend and I decided, well.. maybe I decided, that the petting zoo/mini farm that Elevden showcased was a perfect way to spend our day. It was around £6 each and I have to admit, I was pretty damn excited.

Unbelievably, we were the only two in our group and so we got to spend one on one time with all the animals which was incredible. We learnt so much about their breeds as well as their individual characters and feeding them all was such a treat (you wouldn’t believe how gentle sheep and goats are!)

The experience was something I absolutely loved as any time around animals is a perfect day in my eyes! We did however learn from the guide that Centerparcs was closing the mini farm and all the animals were being jointly relocated to another petting zoo where they would still get to be around children – something the animals loved and had become very accustomed too. I was mainly sad for the ladies that had worked with them for so many years to finally have to say their goodbyes.

You could clearly tell there was a deep bond and love between these ladies and the animals which made it even more special that we were one of the last people to spend some time around them. You could tell they were completely spoilt with affection day in, day out and, for me, that is the most important thing for animals.

I am so so glad I chose to book this for Adam and I because it was just the most amazing time. I could have easily spent all day with them! I had to show you guys the photos because I desperately needed to tell you about it!!

I am sad that Centreparcs have decided to close the mini farm but I am glad that the animals get to stay together, it would have been dreadful to have split them all up!

I hope you liked all the photos I shared of this day – it was too brilliant to not showcase with you all.

Do you have a favourite farm animal?



You guys are probably sick of my Barcelona photos now!

I have my Barcelona Photos post here, my Barcelona Top Tips here and today I thought I would show you what outfits I wore on my little break.

This outfit was perfect for exploring the city as it was so loose and airy.

My shorts are from Nobody’s Child and I love the style where it mirrors a skirt – culotte shorts I believe? They were in the sale for just £5 last year and I snapped them up! I have linked some similar culotte shorts here

My top is a simple pink cami from Topshop that I have had for ages. The light pink matched perfectly with the colours in the shorts and it made for a lovely little outfit in the end. I have linked some similar Topshop’s camis here

The bag I used essentially everyday is this black one from Radley, which is here and I am totally obsessed with it.

This outfit is one of my absolute favourites. It was a treat from Adam a few months ago and I totally adore it. I love how just one piece is basically an outfit in itself that looks so good! The playsuit is £39.99 from H&M but it is now only available in a size 20. I have linked it here for you.

This outfit is another favourite of mine! The playsuit was a bargain from Boohoo at only £8Another culotte jumpsuit eh… It isn’t available anymore but I have linked a similar Boohoo one here

My handbag is from ASOS and I am in love with it. It has a scallop detail around the top and has a large zip pouch in the inside that keeps everything secure. It’s £25 and is one of my all time favourite purchases. I have linked it here

Final outfit for you! This black crop top is from Primark and was the hefty sum of £3! I thought it was perfect for mixing and matching outfits and I have one in white too. You can pick these up from a lot of places if Primark isn’t accessible to you. I have linked this Boohoo one which is just £5 here

The skirt was a fab sale find from New Look but unfortunately it is now out of stock! I have linked something similar here for you.

What was your favourite outfit?



barcelona tips

This month I went back to Barcelona for the 2nd time and I wish I was already back there again! I have definitely learnt a lot about how to make the most of the city and I wanted to share some of the tips I now have.

  • Check when things are open. A lot of things aren’t open on Sundays which includes supermarkets if you want to buy food and drink, a lot of shops and the infamous Boqueria Market.
  • Use the Aerobus! Within 15 days it is a 10.20 Euro return each to take you to and from the city. The journey is around 30 mins each way in an air-conditioned bus and I could not complain about the service. They arrive every 5-10 minutes and are super easy to use. Following this, the bus system is very easy to get your head around and I would suggest using it over taxis etc when going to Park Guell, for example, as it is just 2.15 Euros for a single. (The view from Park Guell is also absolutely amazing!!)


  • If you want to be close to most of the action, I would recommend staying around Placa de Catalunya. There are places just out of Barcelona which are great if you’re after the sun and maybe will travel in once or twice too. Last year we stayed near Plaça d’Espanya which is less central and a nice mix of the two. If you’re interested, we stayed in B Hotel last year and NH Collection Podium Barcelona this year and I would recommend them both 100%!


  • Everything comes alive at night. Barcelona is definitely a city that you need to be prepared to stay up for, that’s for sure! Last year we went to eat dinner at about 8pm are were shocked when nobody was there. This year we learnt to eat dinner around 10:30pm which was much more suitable to the culture of the city. Also, some shops close at like 10pm?! We need this in England!
  • When things are closed on Sundays, other opportunities open up! The History of the City of Barcelona Museum (MUHBA) was amazing and is free after 3pm. Many of the sights are free and also close to parks that are just beautiful. The Arc de Triomf is in Ciutadella Park which is just stunning to ramble about in, have a picnic at and watch the activities going on.

I really hope this was useful to anybody who is going to Barcelona or who is interested in knowing a bit more about the city.



You may have known that I jetted off to Barcelona on the 22nd and now that I have been back a few days I thought I would share some of my photos from the trip. I visited Barcelona last year so going back was amazing. I am totally in love with the city and it has quickly become the best place I have ever been fortunate enough to visit.

We stayed at the NH Collection Podium Barcelona Hotel and I would totally recommend it. It is a stones throw from the Arc de Triomf and Placa de Catalunya. As well as it being a great location, it has beautiful marble rooms and a roof top pool and bar.

The Arc de Triomf is really gorgeous too and is at the top of an amazing park called Parc de la Ciutadella that is worth rambling around and spending the day there.





This year we visited Park Guell for the first time. The buses were super easy to jump on and off and for someone who can get very nervous on transport, I was really pleased about it. There are some areas of Park Guell that are free and another that you can pay for. We just did the free area and really enjoyed it but I have heard great things about the whole Park.




We also visited the Museum of the History of Barcelona which is free on Sundays after 3pm. It is such an amazing place and close to a Gaudi Museum I believe if you wanted to flit between the two.




I was thinking of doing a post about some tips and tricks when it comes to visiting Barcelona so let me know if you would like to see that!

Have you ever visited Barcelona? Is it on your travel wish list?