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So, where have I been hiding? The past week has been crazy stressful. Basically imagine a mash-up of family, houses, jobs, university and general life situations coming to blow at once and you can step inside my day for a moment! But, we all have struggles and it is obvious that the best way to cope is to take some time out here and there to pamper yourself. Your self care is the most important thing when times are hard and so I have 5 products that I am recommending to you this Spring to spoil yourself with. These aren’t all the cheapest items in the world but the range from £19-45 gives you the chance to have a one time treat yourself splurge to brighten your day! As you know, self care is a topic that I discuss a lot and, if its something you’re interested in, I have linked my last post on it here.

The first thing that I have to recommend you are the hair conditioners from L’Occitane*. Not only does the idea of a conditioner packed with “natural ingredients” and “essential oils” instantly relax me but their Repairing Conditioner was featured in the Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible a few years ago. If an award isn’t enough reason, 83% of people have attested to how fabby it is too. I always feel so much better when my hair looks and feels good and this product is the perfect fit. Hints of ylang-ylang, sweet orange and lavender make this the ideal relaxing treat for you this Spring. Also – how photogenic is this bottle? I can imagine it in so many flat lays already.

Now that Spring is coming around, I’m so excited to finally be looking at shoes that aren’t boots! The idea of wearing sandals and open-toed shoes are something I have attempted to brave all Winter (shocking, I know) but now I can finally start doing so without the risk of frostbite and concerned looks. Did anybody else sleep in their new shoes when they were younger? That is essentially the level of excitement you can expect from me when I get new shoes. I.e. perfect spoiling material. Asos have some gorgeous shoes in their SS18 campaign and I had to feature them on here. There is something about polka-dots that screams Spring and Summer at me. The pair I’ve mentioned are featured here. Just imagine these with a white floaty summer dress…. gorgeous!

Lastly, I wanted to mention my renowned favourite highlighter, the Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops. I mentioned this in my highlighter collection a few weeks back and I still stand by what I said. This is the most unbelievable highlighter ever and you literally only need 2 drops to completely transform your look. It gives the most gorgeous glow and the range of colours means they’re guaranteed to suit everyone. I feel great when my cheeks are dotted with this absolute gift to the makeup community and I’m sure you will too. One of my favourite things about Spring and Summer is having dewy, glowing skin and this is the ultimate product for it. It may set you back a bit but it will 100% last you forever.

What products have you picked up recently to treat yourself?


When I came back from university last week I was over the moon to see a big ol’ box sitting on my bed from the delightful Bella Inizio after I was lucky enough to win her giveaway. And, oh my gosh, did she go to town on the goodies. She included some incredible Revolution products, to begin with, which I will be providing my first impressions on later in this post.

To begin with, I wanted to apologise for my blogging photos. They are not my best and that is predominately due to the fact that I have a severe lack of Christmas paraphernalia to add into the background to spruce it up a bit. So if they look as sparse as that 20-year-old Christmas tree your Auntie is currently dragging out that definitely looks worse for wear – that is why.

So… what was I lucky enough to receive? The first things I noticed were these lovely packaged scrubs from ‘Scrub Love’ that are for your body. I have seen so many people on Instagram and other social media platforms use and promote them and I have always been interested in testing them out! The yellow packaged scrub is infused with hydrating coconut oil in ‘Coconut Mango’. It supposedly leaves your skin smelling perfectly tropical as well as soft and glowing. I have found it here on Look Fantastic if you wanted to check it out, linked here. I am so excited to try this out!

The second one in the lovely pink and polka-dot packaging is in ‘Original Lovin” and is infused with coffee and vitamins to leave your skin feeling silky soft and moisturised. I found this one on Fragrance Direct if you’re interested, linked here.

Another amazing little treasure was the Benefit ‘Cha Cha Tint’ samples. I absolute love Benefit products – I actually named to get my hands on the They’re Real! mascara again, sometime – so I’m super excited to try out something new and interesting. I love the premise behind this product and I feel like it is perfect for creating a gorgeous, natural look. I’ll have to let you know how I get on with these!

I am absolutely obsessed with Yankee Candles, well… candles in general, and the Christmas Cookie scent has always been one of my favourites. To get a pack of 12 tealights is lovely! I can’t wait to start lighting these and feeling super festive! I don’t think my mum will be too pleased as last time I lit a candle in my bedroom at home, it got soot(?) all up the walls…. my bad!

The lashes are something I’m eager to try out too – probably for Christmas Day or if I have a nice meal out or something soon. Fake eyelashes are something I find always look fabulous on everyone else but I completely suck at them myself. I am trying to learn, but how does everyone else make it look so easy?! I remember attempting to try and put on a Cheryl Cole pair before and having the worst time. 5 years later and it’s a craft I’m still trying to master!

The set of three, gorgeously coloured eyeshadows are another thing I am so happy to receive! You can’t go wrong with having some incredibly bright colours in your collection and I can’t wait to test out some really different and unique looks with them.

The last things I wanted to mention were the absolutely incredible Revolution pieces she included.

I have always wanted to try Revolution makeup but I have never known where to start. I have heard such incredible reviews about their products so to be lucky enough to receive 3 is just insane!

The first I’ll mention is this great matte lip kit in the colour Noble. I am truly obsessed with the colour, just the perfect nude for winter, and the packaging with the copper is just to die for! I have already worn it essentially every day and the combination of the lip liner and the lipstick creates such a seamless finish that lasts for hours. The formula isn’t overly drying and sits perfectly. I have linked it on the Superdrug website here, if you’re interested.

Essentially, it is utterly gorgeous!

The next I want to mention the eyeshadow palette. Not going to lie, I may have squealed a bit when I opened it and saw the colours. Oh my gosh, they are just perfect! I feel like you can create so many beautiful looks with these shades – there is a great combination of matte and shimmery shades. I instantly went for a mixture of the dark reddy-pinks on the bottom row and I was generally shocked at how incredible the pigment is. The colours are so vivid and it has instantly become a favourite of mine. Again, the packaging is a gorgeous copper but unfortunately, I stupidly didn’t photograph it! It is understandable why this palette is rated 4.8 stars on Superdrug. I have linked it here for you guys, I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Finally, I have to mention the stunning highlighter palette. I am currently besotted with all things shimmery and these were right up my street. They are such a perfect collection of shades and are exactly the right ‘iceiness’ for the winter months on cool, pale skin. I love them and they have, again, quickly become some favourites! I am now very much in love with all these Revolution products and I can’t wait to try out more!


I cannot thank the lovely Bella Inizio for choosing me as her giveaway winner and giving me the great opportunity to try out some amazing products! She is the loveliest person ever and I am so honoured to consider her one of my blogging friends. An amazing girl with an amazing blog!


As I student I don’t exactly get to spend my evenings doing very fancy things. When I was contacted by Veeno to try out and review their wine tasting experience for two I was over the moon as it sounded like a fantastic experience and makes quite a change from the local pub. I went with my lovely friend Kat who runs her own blog and if you are interested in music and reviews, please check her out.

What is Veeno?

Veeno is an Italian wine cafe that has 15 outlets across the UK – including Manchester, Leeds, and York that opened from 2013 onwards. All of their wines are produced in the family vineyard in Sicily, as well the food being imported from Italy too. The authentic Italian experience was probably my favourite things about Veeno. You knew you were being looked after by people who had fantastic knowledge on the food and drink from the country and I felt lucky to be able to try their food recommendations that are specifically chosen to match each of the wines.

What did we do?

I had been asked to try out Veeno’s Selezione wine tasting which says on the menu that it includes “white, rose and red” wine that includes their “best labels”. This costs £25.90.  This is accompanied with spuntini which is an Italian concept for sharing and usually means a leisurely meal.

The experience

The loveliest lady called Maldina spent the evening explaining the wines, the different flavours, and even whereabouts in the vineyard the grapes came from. It was honestly incredible to learn so much about wines, considering my poor lack of knowledge before!

I would say, don’t expect this to take 45 minutes. We arrived just after 7:30pm and didn’t leave until after 10pm. Not at any minute did we feel it was too much as we got to spend a perfect amount of time experiencing each wine.

The wine and food

Before any of the food was brought out to us we were asked about any dietary requirements or preferences that we had as they would ensure it was tailored to what we liked. I thought this was a lovely touch and it ensured that you would enjoy every part of the experience. Each of the foods is specifically chosen to highlight the different notes in the 6 wines and I was honestly really surprised when I noticed how the flavour of the wine changes with each food.

Maldina also let us know that you can order their food to take away which, considering how obsessed I became with a lot of it, is something I will definitely do in the warmer months.

We had 5 different wines which included 2 whites, a rose, and 2 reds. I am not a massive red drinker, not at all really, but could still appreciate the quality and taste of every single one. I completely fell in love with one of the white wines we chose and to know the ins and outs of what you’re drinking is really special.

On top of this, we also had a dessert wine and 2 desserts that perfectly ended the evening – something neither of us were expecting.

I have to give a huge thank you to the lovely people in Veeno who really looked after myself and Kat and provided us with a wonderful experience. If you are looking to take your friend out on a special occasion or celebrate with your partner, Veeno is honestly perfect. We were completely new to wine tasting and we felt comfortable and welcomed throughout. For £26 you get much more than you pay for and that is exactly why I would recommend to anybody who asked.


This month I was contacted by the lovely Betty Box and asked if I was interested in receiving a monthly box and talking through my thoughts on it. I hopped over to the website and I was so impressed that I immediately said yes.

What is it?

The Betty Box is a type of subscription box that I have never seen before and I think the idea behind it is fantastic. We have all been (or still are) young girls or teenagers that have to endure their periods and need some cheering up. On top of this, getting your head around the world of sanitary products and what best suits you at different points in your life for different activities is tiresome and can take months, if not years to figure out.

That’s where Betty Box comes in. The box is tailored towards your preferences and gives you the opportunity to try products from various brands and ranges – including Lil Let and Tampax. They also have a smaller box inside that is full of treats to get you through the week including sweet treats, beauty products and stationery. They deliver their boxes on three different dates in the month so it gives you the chance to pick the one closest to your period start date which is great. The Betty Box is also designed to fit through 94% of letterboxes which is a great feature as you won’t have to worry about collecting it from the local post office when you’re not in!

Before we get into what the box contains; if you are interested in more “sex and relationship” based posts I have linked my Contraceptive Pill Experience and my How To Keep The Spark In Long Distance Relationships posts if you wanted a little read afterwards! This topic is something I really want to introduce more of onto my blog so I hope you enjoy!

Let’s open up the Betty Box!

One thing I really love about the Betty Box are the colours and designs they use. They make everything look so put together and pretty which, for starters, is great for photos! As you can see, everything is divided up by smaller boxes or a small reusable bag so that it makes everything easier – perfect for somebody new to the experience. You also get a little booklet that just explains everything that you have in your monthly box as well as some short articles to have flick through.

What’s inside the “for you” box?

As I mentioned, the “for you” box was one of my favourite features of the Betty Box subscription service. I think it is so important to look after and treat yourself when you need it most which is why this is a perfect addition! The box is packed full of goodies from well-known brands and there is honestly something for everyone.

I have to admit, I was most excited by the pastel pink highlighter and the Joe&Seph’s popcorn – I have always wanted to try out their different flavours! On top of that, in the September box, you also get a tea tree lip balm, some charcoal and bamboo nose pore strips, a llama iron-on patch, a lovely dark red nail varnish and a hair mask (just to name a few!) I was really impressed by how much you get and you can clearly see the thought that goes into making these subscription boxes perfect. I will definitely be trying these out soon and if anything blows me away I will be featuring it on here soon.

What else do you get?

Aside from all the lovely treats you receive to get you through your period, you also get all the sanitary products that you have selected through the website when you build and tailor a box towards your needs. These are divided into two boxes – “for later” and “for night” (as well as the reusable bag). I was worried you might not get enough products to last you but oh my god there is almost enough for 2 months (depending on how heavy your period is). I was honestly so impressed with how much you get – more than your money’s worth for sure!

My overall thoughts

I think the Betty Box is such a great idea as it allows young girls and teenagers to feel more comfortable with their period, try new products and feel as pampered as possible throughout. I personally believe the box is perfect for parents who want to order it for their daughters each month as it allows you to create an open environment where periods are not a taboo subject and can be freely discussed. I will definitely be treating myself to another box soon as for £12.99 and free delivery, you really can’t go wrong!


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I think we have all had several nights, or days, in our life where we have been out alone and have been worried or scared. Honestly, if you haven’t heard of it already – I have found the only personal safety app you will ever need when living on campus or in general life.

If you are interested in student posts I would recommend checking out my category of posts which is here and includes tips on revision, handling a bad mark, relationships and motivation.

I have been using this app for months now and unfortunately, as an ever growing issue, I felt that I must tell you about it to help benefit as many people as possible. I tried to do some research on it before I started this post and was alarmed that a quick google only pulled a handful of results. More people need to know about this app and this only compelled me more to write this post.

What is Companion and how does it work?

When you are walking from A to B or even just need a breath of fresh air, Companion allows you to ask a friend or family member to keep an eye on you throughout your journey. The best bit is that they don’t have to have the app too – they are merely sent a text saying that you would like them to keep an eye on you. The text also gives the person an interactive map so that they know whereabouts you are as you go.

If at any moment in your journey you feel worried, you have two buttons at the bottom the screen that allows you to alert your companion or the police, if necessary. Having such safety features so close to hand is brilliant and exactly how we should be using technology to protect ourselves. (Obviously, it is a terrible shame we feel the need to use such apps but I’m sure you understand my point). The creators of the app explained that when it launched in the US, the app recorded 500 incidents where the user felt unsafe in one week. 500. 500 people felt unsafe on their university campus.

The app was originally designed as a university safety tool but there is no restriction to anybody downloading and using it for their own safety too. For example, I always use it when I get the late train home into York and have to walk quite from the bus stop alone at 2 am.

What happens in an emergency?

Something I didn’t know about the app that my little bit of research pulled up is the following:

“If the user strays off their path, falls, is pushed, starts running, or has their headphones yanked out of their phone, the app detects these changes in movement and asks the user if they’re OK. If the user is fine, they press a button on the app to confirm within 15 seconds. If they do not press the button, or a real emergency is occurring, the Companion app transforms the user’s phone into a personal alarm system that projects loud noises to scare criminals from the scene, and gives you the option to instantly call the police.” –

I found this video that shows you the basics of the app that might be useful to some of you too:

I completely swear by this app and I can’t imagine going without it when I am out alone. The best bit? The app is free to download for both Apple and Android users.

If you’re not convinced, I have no idea why! Personal safety is paramount and something like this helps instill confidence in the user when they’re alone and those that care for them (as well as fending off attackers in a real emergency).