This month I was contacted by the lovely Betty Box and asked if I was interested in receiving a monthly box and talking through my thoughts on it. I hopped over to the website and I was so impressed that I immediately said yes.

What is it?

The Betty Box is a type of subscription box that I have never seen before and I think the idea behind it is fantastic. We have all been (or still are) young girls or teenagers that have to endure their periods and need some cheering up. On top of this, getting your head around the world of sanitary products and what best suits you at different points in your life for different activities is tiresome and can take months, if not years to figure out.

That’s where Betty Box comes in. The box is tailored towards your preferences and gives you the opportunity to try products from various brands and ranges – including Lil Let and Tampax. They also have a smaller box inside that is full of treats to get you through the week including sweet treats, beauty products and stationery. They deliver their boxes on three different dates in the month so it gives you the chance to pick the one closest to your period start date which is great. The Betty Box is also designed to fit through 94% of letterboxes which is a great feature as you won’t have to worry about collecting it from the local post office when you’re not in!

Before we get into what the box contains; if you are interested in more “sex and relationship” based posts I have linked my Contraceptive Pill Experience and my How To Keep The Spark In Long Distance Relationships posts if you wanted a little read afterwards! This topic is something I really want to introduce more of onto my blog so I hope you enjoy!

Let’s open up the Betty Box!

One thing I really love about the Betty Box are the colours and designs they use. They make everything look so put together and pretty which, for starters, is great for photos! As you can see, everything is divided up by smaller boxes or a small reusable bag so that it makes everything easier – perfect for somebody new to the experience. You also get a little booklet that just explains everything that you have in your monthly box as well as some short articles to have flick through.

What’s inside the “for you” box?

As I mentioned, the “for you” box was one of my favourite features of the Betty Box subscription service. I think it is so important to look after and treat yourself when you need it most which is why this is a perfect addition! The box is packed full of goodies from well-known brands and there is honestly something for everyone.

I have to admit, I was most excited by the pastel pink highlighter and the Joe&Seph’s popcorn – I have always wanted to try out their different flavours! On top of that, in the September box, you also get a tea tree lip balm, some charcoal and bamboo nose pore strips, a llama iron-on patch, a lovely dark red nail varnish and a hair mask (just to name a few!) I was really impressed by how much you get and you can clearly see the thought that goes into making these subscription boxes perfect. I will definitely be trying these out soon and if anything blows me away I will be featuring it on here soon.

What else do you get?

Aside from all the lovely treats you receive to get you through your period, you also get all the sanitary products that you have selected through the website when you build and tailor a box towards your needs. These are divided into two boxes – “for later” and “for night” (as well as the reusable bag). I was worried you might not get enough products to last you but oh my god there is almost enough for 2 months (depending on how heavy your period is). I was honestly so impressed with how much you get – more than your money’s worth for sure!

My overall thoughts

I think the Betty Box is such a great idea as it allows young girls and teenagers to feel more comfortable with their period, try new products and feel as pampered as possible throughout. I personally believe the box is perfect for parents who want to order it for their daughters each month as it allows you to create an open environment where periods are not a taboo subject and can be freely discussed. I will definitely be treating myself to another box soon as for £12.99 and free delivery, you really can’t go wrong!


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I think we have all had several nights, or days, in our life where we have been out alone and have been worried or scared. Honestly, if you haven’t heard of it already – I have found the only personal safety app you will ever need when living on campus or in general life.

If you are interested in student posts I would recommend checking out my category of posts which is here and includes tips on revision, handling a bad mark, relationships and motivation.

I have been using this app for months now and unfortunately, as an ever growing issue, I felt that I must tell you about it to help benefit as many people as possible. I tried to do some research on it before I started this post and was alarmed that a quick google only pulled a handful of results. More people need to know about this app and this only compelled me more to write this post.

What is Companion and how does it work?

When you are walking from A to B or even just need a breath of fresh air, Companion allows you to ask a friend or family member to keep an eye on you throughout your journey. The best bit is that they don’t have to have the app too – they are merely sent a text saying that you would like them to keep an eye on you. The text also gives the person an interactive map so that they know whereabouts you are as you go.

If at any moment in your journey you feel worried, you have two buttons at the bottom the screen that allows you to alert your companion or the police, if necessary. Having such safety features so close to hand is brilliant and exactly how we should be using technology to protect ourselves. (Obviously, it is a terrible shame we feel the need to use such apps but I’m sure you understand my point). The creators of the app explained that when it launched in the US, the app recorded 500 incidents where the user felt unsafe in one week. 500. 500 people felt unsafe on their university campus.

The app was originally designed as a university safety tool but there is no restriction to anybody downloading and using it for their own safety too. For example, I always use it when I get the late train home into York and have to walk quite from the bus stop alone at 2 am.

What happens in an emergency?

Something I didn’t know about the app that my little bit of research pulled up is the following:

“If the user strays off their path, falls, is pushed, starts running, or has their headphones yanked out of their phone, the app detects these changes in movement and asks the user if they’re OK. If the user is fine, they press a button on the app to confirm within 15 seconds. If they do not press the button, or a real emergency is occurring, the Companion app transforms the user’s phone into a personal alarm system that projects loud noises to scare criminals from the scene, and gives you the option to instantly call the police.” –

I found this video that shows you the basics of the app that might be useful to some of you too:

I completely swear by this app and I can’t imagine going without it when I am out alone. The best bit? The app is free to download for both Apple and Android users.

If you’re not convinced, I have no idea why! Personal safety is paramount and something like this helps instill confidence in the user when they’re alone and those that care for them (as well as fending off attackers in a real emergency).



So, I discovered the best body cream ever. I have to be honest, body cream is something I don’t often think about and go and purchase for myself. I usually use whatever I have from birthday presents, Christmas presents etc and don’t give it too much thought. This has genuinely all changed now and I would never consider buying another body cream again!

When What’s In It For Me? suggested sending me something from their range I was so excited. I mean, let us just talk about that packaging for starters. I love the sleek white look and the choice to list the ingredients on the front with their benefits in such a simple design just looks fab. I’m not one for bright colours, lots of fancy designs etc… I just want something that tells me what it does and sells it to me at the same time. This range totally does that.

Their branding is just great too and something I have never seen before. “Designed to appeal to our inner selfishness, this is a brand to indulge the most important person in your life”. Yes yes yes. I love it! I think sometimes you definitely just need to spoil yourself and your body and this is the perfect treat.

So what did I receive?

What’s In It For Me? sent me their body cream to test out and I have given it two weeks to form my opinion on it.

As you can see from the photo, the ingredients include orchid, ylang ylang, jasmine, violet oil and cedarwood oil and the tub you get is 200ml which is a fantastic amount of product. The price is £11.50 on the Harvey Nichols website where you can shop the range here. To compare, the infamous Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter is £10 for 300ml which makes it only slightly more expensive but definitely worth it. A little certainly goes a long way so I don’t feel like the price point is too much.

What makes this “the best”?

Honestly… how luxurious it made my skin feel and the lasting fragrance. The scent wasn’t over the top or in your face but lasted all day which was incredible and not what I expected at all! As soon as I applied it, I was shocked by how great my skin felt – which equally held up the entire day. If you are wondering why this is such an amazement for me, I have suffered from dry skin my whole life (I had bad eczema when I was younger too) so this kind of positive reaction doesn’t happen very often.

I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants to treat themselves or someone else to a luxurious body cream and I can assure you that this won’t be the last you see of this company on my blog as I can’t wait to invest and try out their other products.




I did it. I finally caved in and bought some L’Oreal skin care. Oh my god are they killing it right now. This face wash has quickly become my holy grail and I am totally obsessed with it.

If you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about the L’Oreal Pure Clay Detox Face Wash (what a mouth full!) L’Oreal do have a range of these face washes, including a redish one that aims to help you glow and a green one for purity, so if you don’t think a detox one is for you there are others available that may suit you more.

My friend recently let me try the Clay Mask that I have seen everywhere in the blogging community when my skin was really bad earlier this month and the instant improvement was honestly outstanding and something I have never had from a face mask before.

So… I decided to pick up the face wash.

I always have problems with face washes really drying out my already very dry skin so I get a little worried when it comes to trying new ones out. BUT, after getting on so well with the face mask I thought it was worth a shot.

The bottle is 150ml and you do need a fair amount in comparison to other face washes I have used in the past but the price is so damn low that is doesn’t really matter if you use it a little quicker than normal! It gently foams on your face and leaves you feeling clean and smooth after which is incredible and no overly dry skin for me!

The Superdrug website states the following ingredients that make it so amazing:

“KAOLIN a highly effective natural clay, known to absorb impurities and excess sebum
MONTMORILLONITE rich in minerals, a clay recognized for helping to eliminate imperfections
GHASSOUL a pure clay highly concentrated in minerals, renowned for helping clarify the complexion
RED ALGAE known for its brightening properties”

Well, there you go! I honestly would deem this my holy grail right now and I can’t imagine something tempting me any time soon, that’s for sure. If you’re interested, the face wash is currently on offer on Superdrug for £3.95 down from £5.99 and I would totally recommend picking it up.

Have you tried any L’Oreal skincare? What is your holy grail face wash?



I was really kindly contacted by the lovely Naira from Mishka Mail* who asked me if I wanted to try out her stationery subscription box.

As you guys know, I love stationery – I have posted about student diaries, an Ohh Deer haul and the Papergang subscription box we get in the UK. So when Naira emailed me, I hopped straight over to her website to check it out.

What Is Mishka Mail?

Mishka Mail is based in Australia and since 2013, Naira has been drawing the adorable little Mishka (meaning bear in Russian which I think is so cute!) on greetings cards, gift tags and more. Mishka Mail launched in 2016 when Naira noticed the rise in popularity of subscription boxes and has been growing ever since. Moxy and Mo have now joined the characters of Mishka Mail to make up a panda, cat and raccoon – the perfect trio!

A little side note but something I really loved – you can order previous boxes online so if you missed out on one or you would rather order it after it’s release and you know what’s inside then it’s perfect for you.

First Impressions

When my subscription box arrived, I first noticed how lovely it was packaged – tied up in a cute bow! Naira also included a little thank you message which meant so much as it was me who was in fact excited to check everything out.

One of my favourite things about subscription boxes is the fact that you don’t know what to expect each month so you feel like you’re taking a little risk each month with what you get. April’s Mishka Mail certainly delivered and I was super impressed with what I was sent.

A Look Inside

The April box is called “European Fling” which I thought was perfect as I am visiting both Prague and Barcelona in the summer! I’ll give you a little run down of what you get with Mishka Mail:

3 greeting cards
2 mini cards
2 stickers
2 gift tags
1 postcard
1 wall print

My absolute favourite thing I received were the mini cards. The little Moxy gracing the cover of the Bonjour card was just adorable and is perfect when you just want to send someone a little note. I have recently starting sending cards and letters more often because I think it such a nice sentiment as you have something to cherish. The excitement of getting a letter is always much better than a text, anyway! I also loved the safe travels one and I can’t wait to send it off to a friend before they go away in the summer.

The greetings cards were also another favourite of mine. I love the vibrancy and colour in the designs Naira does, feels so much different to what we have available in the UK and something you would definitely want to show people because they’re so sweet. I mean, I would be so happy to receive one of these in the post!

I’m excited to send the Barcelona card to my mum as it is somewhere I am visiting in the summer, which is a perfect coincidence! I’m also taking my mum to London for her birthday at the end of May so I’m thinking of sending her the London card too with a little itinerary of what I have planned for us.

Final Thoughts

I was honestly super impressed with Mishka Mail and it was such a delight to have received it from Naira. I wouldn’t have gone in to such detail and love for this brand if I hadn’t honestly been over the moon with what I was lucky to get.

If you are interested in checking out Mishka Mail, the link to the website is here. The subscription boxes are 26 AUD for Australian residents and 30 AUD for International residents (which is respectively around £14 and £17). Considering how much you get for your money, I am so impressed with this box and I will be ordering another one for myself soon!

I was sent Mishka Mail as a gift from Naira but all opinions are my own

What do you think of Mishka Mail? Do you like the drawings Naira does?