When I came back from university last week I was over the moon to see a big ol’ box sitting on my bed from the delightful Bella Inizio after I was lucky enough to win her giveaway. And, oh my gosh, did she go to town on the goodies. She included some incredible Revolution products, to begin with, which I will be providing my first impressions on later in this post.

To begin with, I wanted to apologise for my blogging photos. They are not my best and that is predominately due to the fact that I have a severe lack of Christmas paraphernalia to add into the background to spruce it up a bit. So if they look as sparse as that 20-year-old Christmas tree your Auntie is currently dragging out that definitely looks worse for wear – that is why.

So… what was I lucky enough to receive? The first things I noticed were these lovely packaged scrubs from ‘Scrub Love’ that are for your body. I have seen so many people on Instagram and other social media platforms use and promote them and I have always been interested in testing them out! The yellow packaged scrub is infused with hydrating coconut oil in ‘Coconut Mango’. It supposedly leaves your skin smelling perfectly tropical as well as soft and glowing. I have found it here on Look Fantastic if you wanted to check it out, linked here. I am so excited to try this out!

The second one in the lovely pink and polka-dot packaging is in ‘Original Lovin” and is infused with coffee and vitamins to leave your skin feeling silky soft and moisturised. I found this one on Fragrance Direct if you’re interested, linked here.

Another amazing little treasure was the Benefit ‘Cha Cha Tint’ samples. I absolute love Benefit products – I actually named to get my hands on the They’re Real! mascara again, sometime – so I’m super excited to try out something new and interesting. I love the premise behind this product and I feel like it is perfect for creating a gorgeous, natural look. I’ll have to let you know how I get on with these!

I am absolutely obsessed with Yankee Candles, well… candles in general, and the Christmas Cookie scent has always been one of my favourites. To get a pack of 12 tealights is lovely! I can’t wait to start lighting these and feeling super festive! I don’t think my mum will be too pleased as last time I lit a candle in my bedroom at home, it got soot(?) all up the walls…. my bad!

The lashes are something I’m eager to try out too – probably for Christmas Day or if I have a nice meal out or something soon. Fake eyelashes are something I find always look fabulous on everyone else but I completely suck at them myself. I am trying to learn, but how does everyone else make it look so easy?! I remember attempting to try and put on a Cheryl Cole pair before and having the worst time. 5 years later and it’s a craft I’m still trying to master!

The set of three, gorgeously coloured eyeshadows are another thing I am so happy to receive! You can’t go wrong with having some incredibly bright colours in your collection and I can’t wait to test out some really different and unique looks with them.

The last things I wanted to mention were the absolutely incredible Revolution pieces she included.

I have always wanted to try Revolution makeup but I have never known where to start. I have heard such incredible reviews about their products so to be lucky enough to receive 3 is just insane!

The first I’ll mention is this great matte lip kit in the colour Noble. I am truly obsessed with the colour, just the perfect nude for winter, and the packaging with the copper is just to die for! I have already worn it essentially every day and the combination of the lip liner and the lipstick creates such a seamless finish that lasts for hours. The formula isn’t overly drying and sits perfectly. I have linked it on the Superdrug website here, if you’re interested.

Essentially, it is utterly gorgeous!

The next I want to mention the eyeshadow palette. Not going to lie, I may have squealed a bit when I opened it and saw the colours. Oh my gosh, they are just perfect! I feel like you can create so many beautiful looks with these shades – there is a great combination of matte and shimmery shades. I instantly went for a mixture of the dark reddy-pinks on the bottom row and I was generally shocked at how incredible the pigment is. The colours are so vivid and it has instantly become a favourite of mine. Again, the packaging is a gorgeous copper but unfortunately, I stupidly didn’t photograph it! It is understandable why this palette is rated 4.8 stars on Superdrug. I have linked it here for you guys, I would definitely recommend checking it out.

Finally, I have to mention the stunning highlighter palette. I am currently besotted with all things shimmery and these were right up my street. They are such a perfect collection of shades and are exactly the right ‘iceiness’ for the winter months on cool, pale skin. I love them and they have, again, quickly become some favourites! I am now very much in love with all these Revolution products and I can’t wait to try out more!


I cannot thank the lovely Bella Inizio for choosing me as her giveaway winner and giving me the great opportunity to try out some amazing products! She is the loveliest person ever and I am so honoured to consider her one of my blogging friends. An amazing girl with an amazing blog!


I love a bargain and finding one on eBay is always so rewarding, especially for under £5. I thought I would share some of the best things I have found recently with you guys. If you’re interested in posts about fetching yourself a good bargain I can throw you back to last year where I did some posts entitled “Under £20”, my favourite being the Under £20: 36 Date Ideas.

Mesh Top

I first saw Lydia Rose from fashioninflux post about these I jumped straight over to eBay to check them out. I just found her blog post from last year that mentioned some of her other favourite finds that I definitely recommend giving a read. I have seen these tops everywhere at the moment on the likes of Pretty Little Thing, Missy Empire and other Instagram dominated brands and thought for a fraction of the price I couldn’t help but snatch it up! Just typing in “mesh top” to eBay seems to open up a world of gorgeous little bargains which are perfect dupes for high street brands.

For example, I bought this embroidered little number for under £5 which is a great dupe for the Urban Outfitter’s £34 alternative. I have honestly had so many compliments when I have worn it out and equally as many shocked looks when I tell them how much it cost! If you’re not into embroidered mesh tops, this spotty one is another great alternative for this version from Glamorous at £20.

Phone Case

eBay is a fantastic place to get phone cases that are on trend and look great. I recently got this stunning gold and marble case for just £3.95 which is an absolute steal. I also adore this grey, pink and marble case that is completely up my street at the moment in terms of colour and aesthetic and hey, if you can’t match your phone case to your bedroom.. why bother? eBay sellers always seem to be one step ahead in terms of picking up and replicating trends and I often see great dupes for Skinny Dip cases online. If you haven’t seen the peach theme that has been around forever, where have you been? On wrapping paper at Ohh Deer, on bedding at Urban Outfitters and cases with Skinny Dip – I feel like it is a trend people love. The peach phone case from Skinny Dip is a hefty £14 compared to the cool £3.49 eBay alternative.

Slogan Tshirt

Another fashion find is the good ol slogan t-shirt. Nobody is without a slogan t-shirt these days and this one is perfect for the feminist vibes that are everywhere at the moment too. This feminist top is only £4.99. Topshop is THE place to visit right now for a slogan t-shirt so comparing the eBay find to their £16 “revolution” alternative is such a steal!

Home Decor

I recently moved into my third year house at university and I was adamant about decorating it nicely and making it my home. I found that eBay is a great place to pick up little decorative pieces that really make a house a home. This is obviously perfect for university students on a budget who want to decorate their living space to feel more comfortable and welcoming. I bought a really sweet pom pom garland that was grey, white and pink and tied my colour theme together perfectly. It was shipped from China but arrived so quickly and was exactly what I was after! You can find them here for £3.89. I also find that eBay is brilliant for fairy lights. I have got so many fantastic bargains and some of the ones I am looking at right now include these cactus ones for just £3.69 and these adorable cream tulip ones for just 99p!

Brush Cleaning Pad

I have seen these advertised everywhere and after picking one up I don’t know what I would do without it. Silicone brush cleaning mats have completely taken off at the moment and I totally recommend getting yourself one as I have no idea how I was cleaning my brushes beforehand. This one is just £2.89 and is a complete steal. Just comparing that to the Sigma £20 alternative really puts it into perspective.

Have you found any gems on eBay?




Nikki has been one of my closest friends for years now and seeing her so passionate about Arbonne really motivated me to share her thoughts on my blog. A while ago she gave me a tonne of Arbonne products to try out which I feature in a 2 Weeks Tried and Tested post and found some real gems! So here is my interview with Nikki about what Arbonne is, what it has to offer and what makes it different to other companies out there.
For people who haven’t heard of it before, what is Arbonne?
Arbonne is a completely vegan health and wellness business that is gluten and paragon free.
They’ve been around for a lot longer than people may think. What’s the history behind it all?
A Norwegian man Petter Morck started this company 37 years ago when his passion for the beauty and perfection found only in nature led him to develop botanically based products around the Arbonne philosophy – pure, safe, beneficial. The name Arbonne comes from a village in Switzerland, which has come to mean ‘beautiful tree’.

What makes Arbonne different to other makeup businesses?
Arbonne differs A LOT. What people don’t realise about high street/designer brands is that they are sold the part of petrol which actually ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH to go into the petrol itself (the scum on top) – which makes their makeup cheaper. Arbonne uses all natural ingredients in all of their products, combining moisturising botanicals and age defying ingredients to make your skin look and feel magical and fabulous. The key botanicals are; Bamboo powder, Phytinol, and Eyebright Extract.
How has Arbonne benefited you as a business? Has the business helped you grow as an individual?
It helped me become a better person – more confident within life in general and my future career as a performer. A major part of Arbonne is personal development. There is no way you can make your way up in the business to that beautiful White Mercedes without having some personal development in your life. The aim is 10 pages a day, which isn’t that much if you really think about it!
A big discussion that is happening in the beauty community currently is testing on animals. What is Arbonne’s stance?
NO WAY JOSE! Arbonne does absolutely no way 100% NOT test on animals or condone it one bit. It completely goes against their philosophy.
What is your favourite Arbonne product?
I have SO many to choose between, but if I were to only be allowed to choose one, it would be the “It’s A Long Story Mascara”, also the new Rescue and Renew range is absolute bliss! Especially with the bamboo and green packaging.

How was the event you recently went to? It looked incredible.
PHENOMENAL!!! It was the Arbonne Annual Conference (AAC) in Glasgow, the first one I’ve been to, and it got me so inspired! If any of you have read ‘The Chimp Paradox’, then you will know the author ‘Prof Steve Peters’ – who was one of the Key Note Speakers on the first day. It was amazing, we got free lunches and an amazing ‘Cocktails and Diamonds’ party thrown for us as a well done for the progress everyone had made within the year! I’m already excited for the next one in Birmingham next year!
Do they have any new releases coming up for Christmas? Anything you’re really excited about?
YES. There is a whole new festive range coming out – 18 new products ONLY for Christmas time launching on October 2nd. They always sell out quick though so I’ve already got my pre-order in, and currently waiting for it to be delivered! I’m very excited about the new contour pallet launching. Also, not necessarily Christmas related, but there are new products coming out too. Two I am excited about are the ‘Arbonne Fit Chews’ in chocolate flavour – a healthy, chocolate snack, and also a double ended glow stick with highlight and bronzer. This glow stick was released last year for the Christmas/Festive Range and Arbonne did the AMAZING thing and brought it back as a constant seller – it will definitely sell out super quick though!
Why do you believe Arbonne deserves to be a household name alongside companies like Maybelline and Rimmel?
No one really understands the amount of crap that goes into those household brands, and they really are only bought because of the cheapness of the product, and the expensive models used which makes people think they are good products. Some of them are – don’t get me wrong – but they really have nothing on these Arbonne products with the goodness concealed inside.
Arbonne is a lot more than a standard makeup brand. What else do they focus on?
Yeah, there are so many different strands to Arbonne. There is a baby range (ABC), an anti-aging range (RE9 Advanced), nutrition range, phytosport range (informed sport certified), makeup, sensitive skin care range, men’s range, acne-prone skin, hair care, Rescue and Renew range, bath and body, sincere range. Everything is so exciting and also coming new, there are some essential oils which I cannot wait to try.


How can people get involved in the business and their continuously growing success?
It’s very easy to become involved in Arbonne. There are different ways, you can be a preferred client which gives you 25% off and it costs £17 for a year, or if you were wanting to pay full price then you would be a client. You can host parties where there is a special reward scheme – you can get ‘presents’ as a thank you. Or, if starting your own business speaks to you, then it costs £56 for a year, you get free training every Monday as well as annual training, you get help from your sponsor and everyone else on the team, and you get the opportunity to earn a bit of extra money which will help to grow your business. Feel free to email me if you have any questions and want more information! My email is nicola.meacock12@gmail.com




So, I discovered the best body cream ever. I have to be honest, body cream is something I don’t often think about and go and purchase for myself. I usually use whatever I have from birthday presents, Christmas presents etc and don’t give it too much thought. This has genuinely all changed now and I would never consider buying another body cream again!

When What’s In It For Me? suggested sending me something from their range I was so excited. I mean, let us just talk about that packaging for starters. I love the sleek white look and the choice to list the ingredients on the front with their benefits in such a simple design just looks fab. I’m not one for bright colours, lots of fancy designs etc… I just want something that tells me what it does and sells it to me at the same time. This range totally does that.

Their branding is just great too and something I have never seen before. “Designed to appeal to our inner selfishness, this is a brand to indulge the most important person in your life”. Yes yes yes. I love it! I think sometimes you definitely just need to spoil yourself and your body and this is the perfect treat.

So what did I receive?

What’s In It For Me? sent me their body cream to test out and I have given it two weeks to form my opinion on it.

As you can see from the photo, the ingredients include orchid, ylang ylang, jasmine, violet oil and cedarwood oil and the tub you get is 200ml which is a fantastic amount of product. The price is £11.50 on the Harvey Nichols website where you can shop the range here. To compare, the infamous Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter is £10 for 300ml which makes it only slightly more expensive but definitely worth it. A little certainly goes a long way so I don’t feel like the price point is too much.

What makes this “the best”?

Honestly… how luxurious it made my skin feel and the lasting fragrance. The scent wasn’t over the top or in your face but lasted all day which was incredible and not what I expected at all! As soon as I applied it, I was shocked by how great my skin felt – which equally held up the entire day. If you are wondering why this is such an amazement for me, I have suffered from dry skin my whole life (I had bad eczema when I was younger too) so this kind of positive reaction doesn’t happen very often.

I would totally recommend this to anyone who wants to treat themselves or someone else to a luxurious body cream and I can assure you that this won’t be the last you see of this company on my blog as I can’t wait to invest and try out their other products.




I was really shocked when Charlotte from CharlieStarBlogs contacted me and said I had won her 250 followers giveaway! Please go and give her a load of love and support because she has just surpassed 500 followers which is such a phenomenal achievement.

I asked Charlotte if it was okay if I posted about the giveaway because she had been so generous to do it.


The first thing in the parcel was this Barry M Cosmic Lights Highlighting Palette. I am particularly excited to try this because I love highlighters and I have been itching to try some new ones.

The packaging of this is just incredible, it’s holographic and has little doodles all over the front. Inside there are 3 powder shades and 3 cream shades. I have never tried cream highlighters before so I am super excited to try this out.


The next thing I spotted was the similarly sparkling nail varnish. I haven’t had a new nail varnish in ages so this was fantastic timing. Barry M are renowned for amazing nail varnishes so I am intrigued to try this Molten Metal collection. The colour Charlotte kindly included was ‘Blue Glacier’ and I honestly couldn’t describe the colour any better!

I then spotted the Maybelline Colour Drama Lip Paint which I have already been sneakily using before taking these photos. I love the colour, it is so handy as a ‘throw in your handbag and have lipstick on hand wherever you go’ product. This one is in 610 Stripped Down and I would describe it as a mauvey-nude.


The next time items really excited me. I have never tried anything from Pixi before (although their products have been on many wishlists!) so I’m really looking forward to trying it out. I am really in to brow products at the moment and Charlotte included the Brow Tamer which I am hoping will keep my brows in place all day!

Finally we have the infamous Emma Hardie Morning Cleansing Balm. How many times have we heard about this cult classic?! I am the most excited to try this out and see if it lives up to the hype. The pot is 15ml and has a decent amount of product inside to give it a good test run.

A massive thank you to CharlieStarBlogs for choosing me for her giveaway. We had a few emails backwards and forwards beforehand and she is just the loveliest girl. I really enjoy reading her blog and as I mentioned, we must now celebrate her hitting 500 followers!