You write up your post, add a few photos, do all your checks and finally click publish. Your post wooshes off into the digital atmosphere and that’s it. Your little piece of writing is out there for anybody to digest and have their opinion on.

However, on a blogger’s end, other than stats and the odd comment, you don’t necessarily see any direct impact from your writing. For me, it is like writing a public diary. I don’t really expect it to get read by people most of the time and nor do I expect it to affect them in any way.

What you don’t get told about when you start blogging is how, in reality, people you never expect to interact and read your posts will. I definitely got “the fear” when it came to publicising my blog on my previously private platforms. It wasn’t until I was over a year in and my engagement had suffered from going self-hosted that I took the plunge and began mentioning posts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Honestly, I was nervous about people outside of the blogging world mocking me for what I do. I know I know, I really shouldn’t care, but these were the people that I grew up and went to school with, and, like most other school kids, they had no qualms about taking the piss out of each other. The whole slightly bitchy playground scenario. I have no problem with anybody I grew up with. At all. But I had definitely seen similar reactions when we were younger and I didn’t want to be next. This is why I eased myself into promoting what I had written and didn’t expect much in return.

















Blazer (similar) | Jeans

What I never believed would happen has slowly happened. I never thought that people I worked with, my friends even from my primary school and family friends would take the time to engage with what I had written and even take the time to comment back to me. I presumed when I did a cheery little post on social media that the odd blogger might hop on over but never someone I worked with over 4 years ago or a friend from 5 years ago, at that. I never thought what I would be saying would be of any interest. Over time, I have been overwhelmed to get a message from someone here and there that what I was saying was really interesting, they really enjoyed it and even the odd one saying it was inspiring. I actually both cringe at myself and light up saying the latter half of that sentence. There is no way on earth I would ever associate myself with such a characteristic… but I’ll take it and run, thank ya!

There is nothing quite like the joy of knowing that a friend has sat and read through my Ultimate Gift Guide For Her to find out what to buy his partner, or that family have read about my Wine Tasting Experience. Something about it makes me so eternally grateful and happy.

So what I am saying is, have faith in yourself. Trust that people will enjoy what you can do and there is no shame in saying it. I encourage everyone to write and when I have been asked to give advice it is generally to just go for it. Like me, you’ll probably be utterly surprised by who takes an interest and it means the absolute world to see something you have created go down well with others.

To the people who have ever sent me a little DM on Instagram, messaged me on Facebook or spoken to me in person: I cannot even thank you enough for how it makes me feel. You might not know but this blog was started to escape a debilitating and all-consuming mental health diagnosis and the little compliments have helped so much in overcoming some of the hardest points in my life. It is impossible to explain how much it means to someone who writes a blog post to hear some encouragement and I cannot stress enough how amazing it is for people to go out of their way to drop a little message to do just that. Thank you to everyone who has ever messaged me or another blogger to say something nice. And hey, it doesn’t need to be a blogger. Anybody on social media or in person. Are they wearing a cute dress in their photo and look fab? Tell them! If they’re trying something on in Zara and you think it looks hella fine. Tell them! Kindness makes the world go round.



Like most people, I have body hangups. However, I never really have photos taken that are full length, or where I am deliberately attempting and failing to look good. Recently, I wanted to up my photography game on the blog and get the boyfriend to expand his duties to the amateur outfit photographer. Realistically, I don’t think the poor sod knew what he was letting himself in for…

Unfortunately, I soon found myself getting really worked up about the background not looking right, the angle being wrong, the lighting being off and ultimately about me not looking as fab as all the bloggers I obsess over on Instagram. Adam found himself taking 20 of the same photo for me to write-off every single one for such minor details. And really, it wasn’t a problem with the photo but a problem with me never really seeing my figure so many times before and having to accept it for what it is.

I’ve since taken a step back and just calmed down a little. I know that a lot of people may be annoyed that I appear to be suggesting I have ‘body problems’. To explain, I’m really not suggesting this is the case at all. I know I’m not in an unhealthy shape but it would be crazy to assume that everybody doesn’t get themselves down now and then about their appearance. What I’m trying to articulate is this was the first time that I saw my figure presented to me in over a 100 photos for me to be the sole judge of whether it was ‘good enough’ for Instagram. And of course, everyone is their own worst critic.
















Pinafore Dress | Bag (similar)

This is all really silly, I know. I both want to chastise myself for getting upset over something trivial but also not belittle how something has made me feel, especially without seeing if anybody else has ever felt the same. A bit of a weird limbo between “Gwon girl work it” and “Let me wear a sack and hide for 1000 years”.

Outfit blog photos aren’t something you tend to do every day and to take the step out of my comfort zone was really challenging. I honestly can’t wait to be confident in front of a camera and be content with the outcome but I know it will take time. I think it is naive to believe that this comes naturally for everyone. Some people are born to be photographed. I am just not one of them. But, it is all about learning what works best for you! I know that despite my personal struggles with my hair, it is a pretty damn defining and unique part of my appearance and I should showcase it more to stand out, for example.

I want to be brutally honest because that is how I always have been on here. It is a big deal for me to post the photo on the right. You may scroll up now and ask why? Well… the bunching of the dress makes my stomach look bigger than normal. And does it look big? No. I’ve decided to ignore my mind niggling away at me about it and post the photo because it is just a photo. And it isn’t the end of the world.

I think the moral of the story is that if you ever want to take some cute blog photos of your outfit or you looking fabulous down the closest street in your area to a replica of Kensington, don’t compare yourself! Please don’t think that your boyfriend taking photos in such a manner for the first time on an iPhone 7 is ever going to compare to a professional photographer and a blogger who has been doing it for years. I bet if you take a little journey back in most blogger’s photos, they all started at the same point. I’ve discussed the problems with comparing with amazing Instagram girls and the pitfalls that come with overanalysing every photo we take of ourselves. But, I want to reiterate, there is also no shame in taking inspiration of poses, locations and outfits here and there to help you along the way. If this is a new venture like it is for me, join me in being a nervous wreck on whether or not everyone is going to to be able to tell that you had a big ass takeaway the night before. I’m kidding of course. They won’t see, or even care, about the things you concern yourself with day-to-day so embrace some compliments and post on Instagram to your heart’s content. If anybody does have a problem, feel free to send them my way!

Ultimately, I think that the more I get used to this, the more comfortable I am going to be with my lumps and bumps. Because that is what makes me, me.




A cup of tea, an empty house and three hours of YouTube videos lined up.

We all joke about the stark contrast between you ‘last Friday’ dressed to the nines and out until 3am and ‘this Friday’ where you’re in bed in clothes made just for the house with a shit tonne of food and ready to binge my new-found love of Shane and Ryland.

However, I’ve found myself progressively being more and more happy about avoiding the elusive night out. Ironically enough, as I am typing this I am planning a night out tonight. The idea of everyone else leaving, the house is quiet and me being tucked up in bed is my idea of bliss.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do like going out. I love making plans and actually doing them where I travel, do exciting things and see people I love. But this doesn’t mean I want to do it 24/7. I do resonate with the whole trend of being an “extroverted introvert”. I am happy alone in my room and I’m not adverse to deliberately cancelling plans to do so but I do love going out. I just don’t choose it very much.

This isn’t a shocking revelation for someone to make, of course. It may be considered a bit more of a heavy blow when you take into account that I’m a university student. There is never a more obvious stereotype of us than the idea that we are constantly drinking and out until 4am most nights. I swear if I ever tell anybody ‘I’m tired’ it is just wildly considered that I’ve been drinking. Girl, no. I may have been up until 2am, but that is because I’m binging The Good Place. The other stereotype? That mummy and daddy are funding these drinking expeditions. But that is definitely for another time.

Honestly, the last time I got anywhere near a club was a solid 4 months ago and it didn’t end well. I think I just never really see the fascination with drinking. I don’t see any joy in potentially wiping out the next day, checking your bank account to see you’ve spent £30 and have nothing to show for it and making questionable decisions. Oh my god is it undeniable that some of the funniest and crazy memories have happened to people while they’re out and drinking but all my ‘cherished’ moments in life haven’t exactly occurred that way. Realistically, some of my worst memories also involve alcohol.

The idea of spending £6+ (I do relish the fact that I live in the North so these prices are significantly cheaper than London!) just to get into a club where it is hot, loud, sticky and I’m probably going to be inappropriately touched isn’t my number one way to spend a night. There is nothing like a group of mates screaming and running to dance to your favourite song but, hey, I’d much rather value a coffee date where I got to speak to them more and see how they’re doing.

Again, I love getting dressed up and going out but the same applies to a lovely meal where I have, on max, one or two drinks. I am just unconvinced that going out and getting royally trashed adds any value and happiness to my life that others things don’t/ I’ve tried it and nah, not really for me.

What isn’t fair is comments about people who decide it isn’t for them. There is nothing intrinsically horrific, shocking, or boring about not wanting to drink. Equally, there is also nothing wrong with going out several times a week. People can do as they please when they please. You do you.

So, I think I’ve come to the point where I just accept that I like being in. It isn’t fun to force yourself to go out, just to keep up appearances. I’m not for anybody doing things they don’t want to do, just for the benefit of others. I remember reading a Fashion Slave post like over 2 years ago when I first started reading blogs about a similar topic and she said something I completely agree with… It should just be accepted that you don’t have to send a text out that is a blatant lie, just because you want to cancel plans to go out. It is perfectly cool to say “hey, actually, I want to just spend a night in tonight”. Pizza date? Hell yeah.

So, with my diet coke in hand, I toast you to a happy night in. With no guilty conscience.






Have you ever been called selfish? Or in fact, called someone else selfish? I’m sure it’s never been heard or said in a positive light. Although I think this should change. I definitely believe that there are some instances in life where being selfish is probably the best fucking thing you could be.

I don’t know if any of you have read “The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F*ck” but my mentality around being selfish kind of stemmed from there. Like this book, I’m not at all insinuating that there is something inherently worthy in waving your hands around shouting fuck this, fuck that, fuck you and I don’t care at everything and everyone you see. It is fairly obvious that what you get out of life is reflected in what you put in and you need to dedicate time and effort into relationships, work, hobbies and more. But where do you fit into this? Many of us have reached a point, once, twice or way too frequently, where you feel like you’re bottom of the pile. The last thing on your list to care for. And that, my friends, is not healthy.

This is where being selfish is a good thing and needs to stop being thrown about as if anybody who spends a good 15 mins doing a face mask after a stressful day at work instead of taking the bins out is the devil incarnate… I’m just being dramatic, I’m not speaking from experience.

You’re never going to be happy and healthy in your mind if you don’t put your wellbeing first once in a while and sometimes this means doing things the compassionate and kind elements of your personality would normally prevent. For example, those particular friends that are way too toxic in your life but you still keep holding out for? I can almost guarantee that most people reading this has at least one name in mind. Now, think how much happier you would be if you stopped giving them the time of day. I’m not saying that you should steal their prized possessions, insult their pets and puncture their tyres. I’m saying, just stop caring. “Easier said than done Ella”.

Well, lets put this into a physical perspective. If you had a friend who came to you and was like, “Ella, this person who I consider my friend kicks me every time she sees me and I really don’t like it. She hurts me and won’t stop”. You’d be like “Woah, ditch her”. So why is it any different if they are mentally wearing you down? You shouldn’t have to force yourself to be surrounded by people that make you sad, are mean to you, make you feel unimportant or worthless. That’s not okay. There are more than enough amazing people in the world that want to lift you up rather than bring you down and you need to go hunt them out rather than spending time on those who don’t think twice about you. This doesn’t mean that these particular individuals are inherently nasty or have it out for you, but rather you are just incompatible. And that’s when you need to put yourself first.

Be selfish sometimes. What I’m not saying is ‘be a bad person’. I think it is important that we learn to distinguish between the two and stop seeing selfish as always being a bad thing. When you cancel plans to just have some me-time, for example, this doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you a bloody sensible one. Everyone needs time to focus on themselves and we would be naive creatures to say this isn’t the case. In fact, it is scientifically proven that spending time on yourself will making you a more well-rounded, postive and happier individual. And hey, who doesn’t want that?

So say up yours to those who don’t care, cancel some plans to have some well-earned me time and pick your favourite restaurant once in a while. Because we all deserve to be selfish.


I do have my long-ass “Is Being Selfish A Bad Thing” post in the making but due to family problems, I haven’t been able to finish it off and get it posted. Instead, I thought I would show you guys the mood boards that I have created in the past few days. These mood boards are for when I move this year and I thought it was a perfect way to start visualising what I’m after when it comes to decor. It also helps to begin putting together the things I have in various boxes to make it appear like a room that has a functioning theme and colour scheme.

I have 5 mood boards to show you and they may not be to everyone’s taste but I hope there is something there you all like. I’m not very good at things like this but hey, why not share it!


My bedroom mood board is very similar to what I currently have in my room at university. I already have these cushions, for example. If you’re interested, the pink fluffy is from Primark, the grey one is Next and so is the sequin one. Their cushion page is linked here.

I really like the whole white, grey and millennial pink vibes with hints of copper. I have been copper crazy for a while, in fact it was one the topic of my first ever posts, so it is very fitting to continue it into my next house.

The white bedroom furniture is from IKEA and is the HEMNES range. I literally love this range. The simple white with black handles is so lovely and it is, obviously, such a great price. I have linked the range here.

Something else I love are the desenio prints. Now who doesn’t have a desenio print nowadays?! They’re £6.95 each online and they have 3 similar designs. I essentially thought they would look great framed above the bed. They also really reminded me of a Picasso line drawing that I remembered from Barcelona. The desenio prints are linked here.

Another mention is the marble laundry basket. When did I get interested in stuff like this? I feel like such a real adult. This one is just £12 and is from Matalan. I prefer this type of laundry basket because it actually stands up by itself, unlike the weird bag style one I currently have – rookie mistake. The laundry basket is linked here.

Soo, very boring conversation aside…The last thing I wanted to mention is this marble coffee table. I basically got this insane marble coffee table off Facebook market place a few weeks ago for TWENTY FIVE POUNDS. It looks incredible and I’m thinking of using it as a replacement for a side table. These kind of tables can retail for ridiculous amounts and I really struggled to find something similar for under £150. Bargain!

Living Room

The living room is something I am really excited about. Raff, who I am going to be living with is a massive colour fan – something I cannot get behind. I like the extensive colour palette of white, grey and black. This is my comfort zone. But I thought I would try and incorporate some mustard in with grey and I am really happy with it.

I can just imagine a grey sofa with these cute tassel mustard cushions on them. Cute cute cute.

These cheese plant vibes are just everything too. I am loving the idea of covering the house in plants. Probably a lot of fake ones as I doubt I can keep anything alive though. These prints are (shock horror) from desenio. Like the others, they are £6.95 each and they have loads of similar ones available. I have linked one of them here. I equally love these Sass and Belle coasters. They’re ceramic and they’re honestly fab. I was a bit nervous to spend £12 on coasters because I am a frugal little thing but they are amazing quality and totally worth it. I have linked them here.

Again, I have featured the IKEA HEMNES range which is linked on the previous mood board if you’re interested.

Lastly, I wanted to mention these cute grey and white vases. They actually come with a yellow one too but the online photo made it look far more yellow than it actually is. The set of three are £14 altogether and I love them. My mum picked them up for me for Christmas and I can’t wait to use them. I have linked them here for you.


The kitchen has some serious white and gold vibes going on. This stemmed from a few purchases I made around Christmas. I bought these very extra M&S letter water glasses – just before realising our initials spell EAR. They went in the sale for £4 each down from £8 and so aren’t available anymore, sadly. The closest I found were these from Anthropologie, linked here.

Speaking of Anthropologie, for Christmas Mum bought me the Mimira mug and bowl which are white and speckled with gold. I am obsessed. I have also linked the range here for you.

Matching the Sass & Belle coasters, I have also picked up the matching tea towel which I think is a great way to continue the green throughout the downstairs of the house. It is £6 and linked here. Sass & Belle is one of my favourite brands and I love the little pieces that they do.

I also recently picked up these cool gold kitchen utensils and gold geometric fruit bowl from Next in their sale. However, if you have a quick Google, I’m sure you can find something similar.



The bathroom is where I haven’t got as much colour going on. I am hoping (if Raff and Adam allow me to) to keep it as white and grey as possible and again, have plants wherever it is possible to add colour. I’m imaging like a whole windowsill of succulents?

One of my favourite things for the bathroom is this bath mat. I actually got this from Primark for under £6 but it is an amazing dupe for the Urban Outfitter’s mats that retail from £20-30. I have linked one very similar here.

Another little find is this woven basket. I’ve seen these all over ASOS recently from a brand called Pimkie. I have a few tops from them but I had no idea that they did homeware too?! They have these woven baskets online from £10-13 but they are mostly sold out now. However, these baskets are really popular at the moment so I’m sure a quick Google can bring up something similar.


“Other” Room

You’re probably wondering what the hell the “other” room is? It is essentially the room that we’re planning to have which will be a games room/office space/spare room for when other people stay over.

These little chalkboard black and brown drawers from Typo inspired me to look into another colour scheme and theme and I’m absolutely loving the black metal, dark wood, industrial look that I have going on – mixed with soft cream furnishings. The Typo drawers, if you’re interested, are only £12 and they’re super cute! I have linked them here.

The little black sign in the bottom right corner is from Primark and is some super cheesy Harry Potter merch I have managed to wiggle in. It is basically a bunch of arrows to various places like “The Hog’s Head” etc.

I also love all the moon phases and constellation prints and think these would look great as a gallery/feature wall. You can find a lot of these on etsy and not on the high street which is where I found these two. Desenio more than likely have some too!

Lastly, I love all the industrial, wire and exposed bulb lamps. This one isn’t featured but is a similar design and is only £20. Iconic lights seem to have some amazing designs and are definitely a brand I will be checking out when it comes to buying new things for the house. I have linked the lamp here.


I hope you guys liked this post! What is your home style? Do you use mood boards or Pinterest?