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This month I was contacted by the lovely Betty Box and asked if I was interested in receiving a monthly box and talking through my thoughts on it. I hopped over to the website and I was so impressed that I immediately said yes.

What is it?

The Betty Box is a type of subscription box that I have never seen before and I think the idea behind it is fantastic. We have all been (or still are) young girls or teenagers that have to endure their periods and need some cheering up. On top of this, getting your head around the world of sanitary products and what best suits you at different points in your life for different activities is tiresome and can take months, if not years to figure out.

That’s where Betty Box comes in. The box is tailored towards your preferences and gives you the opportunity to try products from various brands and ranges – including Lil Let and Tampax. They also have a smaller box inside that is full of treats to get you through the week including sweet treats, beauty products and stationery. They deliver their boxes on three different dates in the month so it gives you the chance to pick the one closest to your period start date which is great. The Betty Box is also designed to fit through 94% of letterboxes which is a great feature as you won’t have to worry about collecting it from the local post office when you’re not in!

Before we get into what the box contains; if you are interested in more “sex and relationship” based posts I have linked my Contraceptive Pill Experience and my How To Keep The Spark In Long Distance Relationships posts if you wanted a little read afterwards! This topic is something I really want to introduce more of onto my blog so I hope you enjoy!

Let’s open up the Betty Box!

One thing I really love about the Betty Box are the colours and designs they use. They make everything look so put together and pretty which, for starters, is great for photos! As you can see, everything is divided up by smaller boxes or a small reusable bag so that it makes everything easier – perfect for somebody new to the experience. You also get a little booklet that just explains everything that you have in your monthly box as well as some short articles to have flick through.

What’s inside the “for you” box?

As I mentioned, the “for you” box was one of my favourite features of the Betty Box subscription service. I think it is so important to look after and treat yourself when you need it most which is why this is a perfect addition! The box is packed full of goodies from well-known brands and there is honestly something for everyone.

I have to admit, I was most excited by the pastel pink highlighter and the Joe&Seph’s popcorn – I have always wanted to try out their different flavours! On top of that, in the September box, you also get a tea tree lip balm, some charcoal and bamboo nose pore strips, a llama iron-on patch, a lovely dark red nail varnish and a hair mask (just to name a few!) I was really impressed by how much you get and you can clearly see the thought that goes into making these subscription boxes perfect. I will definitely be trying these out soon and if anything blows me away I will be featuring it on here soon.

What else do you get?

Aside from all the lovely treats you receive to get you through your period, you also get all the sanitary products that you have selected through the website when you build and tailor a box towards your needs. These are divided into two boxes – “for later” and “for night” (as well as the reusable bag). I was worried you might not get enough products to last you but oh my god there is almost enough for 2 months (depending on how heavy your period is). I was honestly so impressed with how much you get – more than your money’s worth for sure!

My overall thoughts

I think the Betty Box is such a great idea as it allows young girls and teenagers to feel more comfortable with their period, try new products and feel as pampered as possible throughout. I personally believe the box is perfect for parents who want to order it for their daughters each month as it allows you to create an open environment where periods are not a taboo subject and can be freely discussed. I will definitely be treating myself to another box soon as for £12.99 and free delivery, you really can’t go wrong!


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