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I’ve Been Quiet | Ella’s Updates


It has probably been glaringly obvious but I have been a little off the radar at the moment with my blog. I have still been posting 3 times a week but I have not been dedicating the time that I usually do to be as active as possible.

This is predominately down to two reasons. I don’t want to use them as excuses at all but you know I am always up front and honest with you guys.

  1. Home has been very hard recently. This is actually the one thing I keep private and don’t discuss on my blog as it is pretty sensitive information and could really affect people around me. I am between home and my boyfriend’s house at the moment which is all I will divulge and this instability has made things quite difficult.
  2. I have been working a huge amount for someone who is a student, originally on a part time contract. I have been doing long hours over sale and now my store is closing and moving over to a new one is equally as tiring but massively exciting!

I am so sorry I haven’t been active and nothing I say will excuse the fact that I haven’t been engaging as much as I should. Thank you so much for supporting me no matter what, it means the world.

I am away from the 4th-7th and 9th to 11th in Centerparcs and Prague but I assure you I will be back to normal ol me soon!

All my love,



35 thoughts on “I’ve Been Quiet | Ella’s Updates

  1. Aww Ella. These aren’t excuses at all, sometimes it’s just life. Things happen, and you just roll with them, and hopefully land back on your feet. Take care in Prague (and in general really 😀 ), and we’ll see you when we see you 🙂

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  2. I’m sorry things are tough at home, and respect how you’ve kept all of it so private. I’m always here if you ever want to chat, just drop me an email. You work very hard and should be proud of yourself, but I certainly wouldn’t worry about apologising here, especially as no one considers such reasons to be ‘excuses’ for not blogging/interacting as much lately. You do whatever you need to do. Most importantly, I really hope things are okay and that you have wonderful break(s) away to Centreparcs/Prague, you deserve an awesome time and some space to relax and enjoy yourself! Sending hugs your way…xx
    Caz 🙂

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  3. Ok, please know that you do not have to apologise for being inactive or anything like that – we’re here no matter what, and it’s important to take time out and to look after yourself – it’s self love & self care. Sometimes life takes over a little. Feel better, and have a bloody amazing couple holidays. ❤ x x

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  4. Ella, take good care of yourself. That is the most important thing. Your followers will still be there even if you take some time off. I know I will. Soon things will get better in your life and you will feel ready to blog again. Best.

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  5. Take time for yourself. A person can only do so much. A blogger can blog, but it does take a lot of time to also be devoted to the community as well. No one has to be on top of things all the time, that’s okay : )

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    1. I really like your comment that a blogger can blog but that doesn’t even include all the other bits that come with being in the community – I just don’t want to let everyone down! Thank you so much for understanding xxx

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      1. I think for the bloggers who also work on staying consistent to the community, they totally understand. And I believe those who are also loyal readers will understand. 🙂 Peace be with you.


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