My Bucket List 

I love Bucket Lists. I have recently published my Summer Bucket List, as well as a Travel Bucket List a while ago and you all really seemed to love them! Cheila recently reviewed her Bucket List and it completely inspired me to compile my own to track over my blogging life. Luckily, I have already began to complete a few of these – which is great – but I still have a fair old way to go! I have 100 things here on my Bucket List that I want to share with you all.

  1. Fly alone
  2. Read 20 books in a year that aren’t university ones
  3. Rent a house
  4. Go to university
  5. Buy a home
  6. Go to a waxwork museum
  7. Have children
  8. Go to Venice
  9. Dye my hair
  10. Live in a different country
  11. Visit the USA (this encompasses a lot of goals!)
  12. Visit Santorini
  13. Visit the Pyramids
  14. Visit the Maldives
  15. Get a tattoo
  16. Drive an Audi R8
  17. Be involved in campaigning for animal rights
  18. Go to the Globe Theatre
  19. Be involved in campaigning for women’s rights
  20. Ride a horse
  21. Go to Pompeii
  22. Go to Rome
  23. Feed a lamb
  24. Go one week without internet
  25. See the Terracotta army
  26. Walk the Great Wall of China
  27. Get my palms read
  28. Volunteer for charity
  29. Go to Wimbledon
  30. Go to the Taj Mahal
  31. See the Eiffel Tower
  32. See the Mona Lisa
  33. Be a pen pal with someone
  34. Master a Rubix Cube
  35. Do a successful BBQ
  36. Experience zero gravity
  37. Go to a drive in movie theatre
  38. Learn how to play video games
  39. Conquer my fear of heights
  40. Learn to drive
  41. Have a spa day
  42. Get engaged
  43. Jump off a diving board
  44. Drive Route 66
  45. See the Statue of Liberty
  46. Get married
  47. Learn CPR
  48. Sleep on the beach
  49. Run a marathon
  50. Master applying fake eyelashes
  51. Do a Harry Potter movie marathon
  52. Go on a zip line with an amazing view
  53. Own a car
  54. Go skinny dipping
  55. Be on TV
  56. Be on the radio
  57. Win a big competition
  58. Take photos in a photo booth
  59. Learn basic car maintenance
  60. Go whale watching
  61. Be a bridesmaid
  62. Learn to play the ukuele
  63. Learn origami
  64. See the Northern lights
  65. Go to the Olympics 
  66. Visit 20 counties (currently on 12)
  67. Attend Pride somewhere
  68. Learn a magic trick
  69. Learn a card trick
  70. Hold a baby
  71. Go to a yoga class
  72. Learn how to play chess
  73. See wild animals in Africa
  74. Visit 5 continents (I’m on 3!)
  75. Help raise over £10,000 for charity
  76. Shoot a bow and arrow
  77. Name a star
  78. Shoot a gun
  79. Fly first class
  80. Get hypnotised
  81. Ride a Segway
  82. Fly in a helicopter
  83. Give blood
  84. Get a book signed by an author
  85. Do a talk in front of 500 people (mastered about 250 ish!)
  86. Help someone tick off something on their bucket list
  87. Be in the paper for having a positive impact in society
  88. Be a registered organ donor
  89. Toss a coin in to the Trevi Fountain
  90. Graduate from university
  91. Stay in a 5 star hotel
  92. Sleep in satin sheets for a night
  93. Go to a foam party
  94. Make a balloon animal
  95. Meet Emma Watson
  96. Meet Daniel Radcliffe
  97. Have a job in events
  98. Cook Christmas dinner
  99. Learn to speak French fluently and not just bumbling by
  100. Stay awake for 24 hours

Well there we have it! 100 things on my Bucket List.

What is on yours?



70 thoughts on “My Bucket List 

  1. What a fab list, so many things I would never have thought of! I’ve attended Bristol Pride, though admittedly more by mistake, and loved it. I share a few of yours, like winning a big competition (a girl can have dreams..!), getting married (if anyone’s stupid enough to marry me that is), shoot a gun (just because I used to want to be an FBI agent when I was a toddler…). I’d skip the one with Emma Watson 😛
    I’ve given blood and that was a wonderful thing to do, so that’s great you’ve got it on your list. If I still could, I would.
    I saw this for origami, even though it’s for kids there are some pretty cute makes on there.

    Caz x

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    1. The Bristol Pride comment really made me giggle – I would love to know how that happened?! I love that we share some of these, that’s so cool. I wasn’t able to give blood due to my weight for a long time so I really need to go and do it now! Ah thank you so so much for sending me that, I will check it out xx

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      1. It was more just wandering into Castle Park, thinking “oh this is cool!” and chatting to some random people before realising! I can’t give blood now due to pernicious anaemia and weight, which I’m quite sad about. I take it your weight is over the minimum now so you could donate if you wanted to (?) that’s fab, regardless of whether you give blood or not.xx

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  2. Heaven help me when I actually own a car and haven’t a clue how to fix the most basic of problems with it… That’s a seriously useful one to have crossed off your bucket list! Since finishing my studies, I’ve found it fairly easy to carve out time to read for fun – I aimed to complete this book challenge involving forty books, but inevitably veered away from it and have read fifty so far this year (and counting). I watched all the Harry Potter films back-to-back a few years ago – if I did it again, I’d rope in a few friends as it’s more fun that way 🙂

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  3. Your bucket list is full of things I would never even have thought about and now I’m wondering why I never! Even some of the accomplishments you’ve already reached I could never see me doing. I feel like I should probably create a bucket list now, maybe that could motivate me more. Anyways, good luck in crossing off more from your list x

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    1. Thank you so much! I love visiting new places! Recently I’ve taken so many steps back when it comes to feeling anxious on planes after a horrible experience, I’m currently terrified but I’m trying to push through! You will do it, don’t worry! Xxx

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  4. I love #95 and #96! I’d love to meet them too 😀
    I love bucket lists!! It’s always so fun to think about what you want to do! I’d love to have a pen pal one day too, it sounds like so much fun 🙂

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  5. Don’t be in a rush to stay awake for 24 hours…not half as much fun as it sounds! My son is going to Nottingham Pride tomorrow ( don’t tell him but the last march I went on in the ’80’s I got arrested….😱😸😱😸) Great post as usual, thoroughly enjoyed reading! 😺💕xxx

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