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My Pinterest Obsession | Fashion 2017


I have done quite a few of these Pinterest Obsession posts now and you guys seem to love them! My Flat Lays one has been my most popular, as well as My Dream Home, if you’re interested in checking out some more.

This time round we are looking at Fashion 2017. I have been reading so many more fashion blogs recently and I am loving the trends around this summer so I wanted to share a few of my favourites via my Pinterest. Also, a lot of the trends spill in to several categories that I love the most but I did my best to divide it all up!


Everyone is aware how much gingham is in this summer! Gingham tops, dresses and more importantly… a ruffle gingham skirt. I have only featured the ‘classic’ colour combination but blue, pink and red gingham are gorgeous too.




Denim skirts are everywhere right now. But denim itself has been totally mixed up recently. We have seen some crazy denim jean styles kicking about alongside tonnes of embroidery, rips and the continuation of the mom jean. Obviously we can’t forget the classic denim short too!




Anybody else totally head over heels in love with red this season? I am totally besotted with every red item of clothing I see?! Red dresses are my ultimate favourite and I can’t stop gravitating towards them. The ruffles look gorgeous with this colour and the high street is duping Realisation Par in every window. The LRD is soon to replace the LBD!



Polka Dots

Eeek, I love polka dots! Again, the red with polka dots and frills is a really combination of trends this season but polka dots are great whatever the colour. I particularly love this trend because it is just timeless! Same goes for pinstripes – you can revive it every season without fail.



Wide Leg Trousers & Culottes

I am so glad I have finally started to dabble with wide leg trousers and culottes. What I love the most is how effortless and crazy comfortable they are. They can be dressed up and down and it’s what makes them a wardrobe staple this summer.



I could so easily do a part two for this post because there were so many trends that I love and didn’t include! Pinterest has really been inspiring my fashion choices recently so I had to share my finds with you guys!

I was thinking about doing a Pinterest Obsession post about different tattoos, what do you guys think?

What fashion trends do you love this summer?



138 thoughts on “My Pinterest Obsession | Fashion 2017

  1. I love how trends go round and round! Skinny fits were dominating stores but nowadays, I’m definitely beginning to see more straight, boyfriend, and bootcut fits! I love it 😍. Also in love with wide leg trousers.

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  2. I will be heading to the online stores for sure now!! Can you say bye to my bank account lol (: loved the post!! And would love you to check out mine (:

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