30 Things I’m Grateful For


This post was inspired by Chanelle’s Gratitude Journal posts. Her last one was here. They are some of my favourite posts to read and I love checking them out. I would totally recommend seeing her blog if you haven’t already!

Please Read: I am massively grateful for all the necessities in life that I am lucky enough to have. I have a roof over my head, I am able to pay bills and I have clean running water. I am fully aware that there are so many people in the world that don’t have these necessities which we can all agree is terrible. This post, however, is more of a focus on the “first world” things I am grateful for, I hope you understand.

  1. My cat Bradley who is my absolute darling and means the world to me
  2. When the sun shines on a day where I forget my umbrella
  3. My boyfriend who is my absolute rock
  4. Having the ability to study the subjects I love
  5. Getting to live in a city that I love and want to live in for the rest of my life (potentially)
  6. Having been able to visit China
  7. Being able to say that, generally, I am in very good health
  8. Having a boyfriend who pays for Netflix, hehe!
  9. Living in a town where people always want to stop and chat to you, speak to you on the bus and always say “good morning!”
  10. Blossom in spring
  11. LUSH bath bombs on a stressful day
  12. The Dodo Facebook page – they always share amazing animal videos
  13. That I have some amazing amazing friends that care about me (including the darling My Tragic Universe, Kat and Jas)
  14. The most awesome, weird and wacky fashion trends that always inspire me
  15. Cute stationery
  16. Spellcheck
  17. Accents. I love so many accents, they’re fantastic!
  18. Getting to volunteer at the most amazing Hospice while getting experience in the Events sector
  19. Having the ability to travel around the world
  20. Cosy pjs on a cold evening
  21. Letters and notes – they’re the perfect momentos and perfectly capture what that person was thinking and feeling in a moment
  22. The festive spirit leading up to Christmas where everyone is happy and singing Christmas songs
  23. Getting deliveries when you’re feeling down
  24. When you get to see snow for the first time in ages
  25. Firework displays
  26. Being able to swim well
  27. Being able to have a blog and be a part of an amazing blogging community!
  28. When someone makes me a cup of tea
  29. Songs that I can play over and over without getting bored of them
  30. Chocolate fudge cake

What are you guys grateful for?



80 thoughts on “30 Things I’m Grateful For

  1. You are a doll! The fact you enjoy those posts so much makes me smile, even if no one else read them but you that would be enough 🙂 What a great list! I didn’t know you had a cat, have you ever posted a pic? I love listening to people’s accents too and fireworks always look so pretty 💖

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    1. Aw Chanelle!! You always inspire me to reflect on my life and take note of all the big and little things that make my life what it is 🙂 Thank you lovely! Ahh I have 3 black and white cats, they’re the best! I will post a photo of them on my June Goals tomorrow so you can see! xx

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      1. That’s what I aim to do with my gratitude posts, reflect and look back for myself. We need to evaluate and change how we see things, it helps us to grow and try to better ourselves 🙂 I can’t wait to see your kitty cats 😺

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  2. This is a great list! I’m mainly grateful for good health. It’s something that I seem to take for granted because I never get sick and I have never been admitted to a hospital but I’m very grateful for that! 😊

    Pearl ||

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    1. I’m the same! Whenever someone around me is unwell I really come to value how lucky I am and how it is so so easy to be hit by something when it comes to your health – a fair amount is totally out of your control! Thank you for stopping by lovely xx

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  3. I enjoy reading these types of lists! So often we forget to appreciate the good things in life!
    I’m grateful for living in a great country (Canada) – very excited for the 150th celebrations coming up. 🙂

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  4. I have just found your blog after seeing Chelia’s (pink-for-days) blogpost about you and I love your blog, especially this post! I am new to blogging so this inspires me so much. Well done, I look forward to seeing more of your posts X x

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    1. Thank you so much! That was what I was channeling! I wanted to remind myself that there is good in the world (through the little joys in life) and I am grateful for so much when others have been so unfortunate to have it stripped from them 😦 xx

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  5. Such a lovely list! #9 is so great. I recently moved to a smaller town about 8 months ago and the friendly community is one of my favourite things. Everyone says hello!

    Also, #26 is something I wish I knew how todo! Swimming is such an important life skill, one that I don’t have!

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    1. Ahh that’s so lovely, I’m so glad you’re now a part of such a friendly bunch of people! I always smile when I walk past people (especially if they have a dog of course!! haha) and it is so nice to feel comfortable and safe with the people who live around you! Ah really? I would definitely recommend learning when you can! Even if it is just a friend helping you out! xxx


      1. Yes, it is so lovely and if they have a dog!! Forget the owner, I just stare and smile st the dog hahaha.
        I’ve always wanted to learn to swim and am sure I will do it one day. Fingers crossed! Hehe

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  6. I love this! I agree there is so much to be grateful for. For me, it’s the ability to know my roots, my faith, being in good health as well, being financially stable, having the ability to move to a new place, having a car, sunshine after a rainy day, sunsets, upgrading my laptop and getting the privilege to meet amazing people online and in person :). Having someone pay for your Netflix lol he’s definitely a keeper :).

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    1. Thank you so much! Hehehe, he is so good letting me use it! What a fantastic list my love, you have so much goodness in your life 🙂 I feel so grateful and privileged to have met you through WordPress as our conversations always brighten my day! Sunshine after a rainy day would be perfect right now in England! xx

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  7. I love anything and everything to do with finding gratitude. I am grateful that despite being confined to my bed for more than a year that I have found blogging as a creative outlet

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