Travel: BTCC at Silverstone

I received a phone call last week from my Dad that was pretty interesting. It went along the lines of him winning something (obviously – he has a knack for that!) and inviting me to the British Touring Car Championship that weekend.

And so, like a good daughter exploiting her father’s win (hey dad, I know you’re reading!), on Sunday 18th September, my dad and I visited Silverstone for the day.

I haven’t been to Silverstone in years. As far as I remember the last time was watching super cars race when I was a little girl; so getting to go again was really great.

The Grid and Passes

We were given passes that gave us access on the grid for the BTCC which was probably one of the best parts of the day. Just before every race, what seems like millions of people flood the track, taking photos of the drivers, the cars… and the women of course.


Here is a delightful picture of me being blinded by the sun and sporting my lovely Grid Access and Media passes.


Strolling past Shedden

I did feel that I was totally in the way when I was on the grid. I know that all the mechanics and other team members are used to people trying to get photos, ask questions and generally be in the way.. but I almost felt bad that while they were working tirelessly (very punny!) to get the car ready, people were just having a nosey… Saying that I did have a photo with number 99’s car – Plato (I’m a philosophy student.. sue me!) The photo actually got retweeted by Radio 1 which was pretty cool.


Watching the Races

As we had Media passes we were lucky enough to be able to view the races from their building which was basically on the pit lane and next to the Champion’s Suite (these people had a lot of champagne and I was very jelly). This meant that when all the drivers came in you got to wave to them personally which I thought was kind of cool. You also got to smell the burning rubber as each car came in with a popped tyre!


The view from the media stand

My dad and I decided that for the second race we would skip the Grid Walk and go and sit in one of the main stands (which was packed, unlike in the photo above!)

I thought that maybe in the stand we wouldn’t have such a great view as we weren’t up close and personal but I was definitely wrong. The atmosphere was incredible. You were surrounded by people, as opposed to just us in the media stand, and everyone’s reactions were almost contagious. You also got to see so much more of the track, the big screen and the track positions of the cars which was great! I know that you generally look at the people in the media stands or the champion suites so close to the action and think how fantastic it would be to stand there but there is something about being in the thick of it that is so much fun. I could only compare it to a football game atmosphere!


The view from the stands


Aside from the actual racing (as well as BTCC there was a Clio Cup and a Carrera race which was fun to watch) there is a decent amount to see at Silverstone.

There were loads of food and drink standards offering your standard hot dog and burgers to something a bit extra like waffles and pizza – and they even had a Krispy Kreme stand!

I think if you went with children it would also be so much fun. There were several driving activities, bouncy castles and merchandise stands filled with toy cars that children would have had a ball with! Also, if you’re not totally in to racing you can 100% still go for the day and not get bored. So if you get invited by a partner, sibling or friend that loves racing and you’re kind of meh I guarantee you will still have a great time!


Grid photo ft. random dude

I honestly had so much fun with my dad watching the British Touring Car Championship at Silverstone and thanks to Autocar for the tickets! I hoped you enjoyed reading a bit about the experience too – it was definitely a first for me.




  1. September 23, 2016 / 5:12 pm

    Not a bad thing to win! Sounds awesome 😀

  2. September 23, 2016 / 5:24 pm

    Sounds like an amazing experience! I’ve never been to a car race before, but it looks like you and your dad had an amazing time! x

    • September 24, 2016 / 7:50 am

      It was great! I was a bit nervous to post it as I didn’t know if it would be something my readers would like??? But honestly anyone could go and enjoy it! The atmosphere is amazing x

    • September 24, 2016 / 7:49 am

      Glad you liked it! Bit of a different travel post for me 🙊

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