My boyfriend and I went for a short break in Barcelona at the beginning of July and it was honestly one of the best trips I have ever been on & I cannot wait to go back!

Unfortunately being a student meant that I couldn’t afford a lovely week long break away so I searched to find a happy medium of relaxing on the beach and a city break… Something Barcelona is perfect for.


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The Hotel

We stayed in B Hotel, in Placa d’Espanya, which was beautiful! The location was a slight compromise (you had to walk at least 25 minutes to get to typical tourist locations) but I took this with a pinch of salt when it meant we had a rooftop pool and bar (a bool???) and a lovely room.

13614993_10210147762276775_767901930946081925_n (1)

Right next door to the hotel was a huge shopping centre (Arenas Centro Comercial Barcelona) which had amazing restaurants on the top, giving you a beautiful view of the city. We actually ended up eating there every single night because there were so many options to choose from. One vital bit of advice that I would mention is eating times at night are crazy different to the UK. We were so busy on the second night that we didn’t get round to dinner until 1o:30pm…When everyone actually turns up to eat?! If you arrive at about 7 or 8pm it’s likely to be deadly silent so (depending what atmosphere you’re after) I would pick your time wisely.

First Day Exploring

On the first day we went exploring down Placa Reial and La Boqueria, a fantastic market with amazing fresh fruit. It is a typical tourist location but it would be wrong to dismiss it as an amazing place to go. Plaça Catalunya is nearby, surrounded by great places to eat and go clothes shopping. This was ideal for me as I managed to get strawberries all down my lovely white top in the market, oops.


We also took the long walk to see Sagrada Familia. It is honestly absolutely incredible and I love the fact that it’s likely to be different every time you see it due to its constant construction. We decided not to go inside but at about 5pm there were limited crowds, probably making it an ideal time to visit.


Casa Batllo

My absolute favourite part of the trip was visiting Casa Batllo. This was something that I decided to pay for (around 19 euros each or so) in advance, skipping the queues. We spent several hours inside the building and LOVED it. You get a complimentary headphone guide that comes with an iPhone type screen which is interactive – fantastic really! I have a new found appreciation for Gaudi and his creations that’s for sure.

13615452_10210154484284821_3829711353637943758_n (1).jpg

The Picasso Museum

We also paid a visit to the Picasso Museum later in the day which was great too as it was only a few euros each (again I prepaid and we skipped almost 20 minutes of queues). However, the audio guides are an absolute must and unfortunately you had to pay an extra 10 euros each for them.

There was an exhibition on at the time of some of Picasso’s sketches. Adam and I couldn’t help laughing like children as there were over 200 odd drawings of prostitutes with their bits flying about everywhere. Their very up-front names added to our fun as they just said things like ‘Prostitute relaxing’.. which somehow we found hilarious at the time (probably heat stroke!)

Visiting Barcelona was one of the most amazing little trips I have ever been on and one of the few cities that I would book an instant flight to now if I could.



It’s safe to say that if you haven’t put Barcelona on your wish list yet, why not?!

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The beginning of September only means one thing: back to school

Getting a good student diary is the first stepping stone in having an organised year where you achieve every goal you set yourself. I managed to put together a list of several places where you can pick up great academic diaries for under £10.

The Works

The Works is great for really cheap diaries and hardback notebooks. You can get this great A4 Einstein diary for only £1, which is such a good deal. This is great if you are someon with massive handwriting, or feel the need for daily lists. This particular one has space for deadlines, exams and a year planner; making it perfect for students. Lets be honest, it isn’t the most pretty of diaries but the fact that it is A4 is such a bonus and the front cover can be easily changed with a bit of DIY.


Paperchase is slightly more expensive when it comes to diaries but I always love the ones I get. I have this £8 diary with gorgeous pastel hearts all over it that I adore. It’s just small enough to carry around with you everyday but still has space for notes at the end of each week. It features space for timetables which is great as, especially at uni, your timetables change more than once and therefore you need more than place to write it down! I do sometimes wish it was slightly larger though, as you do have to be selective about what you choose to write down.

Busy B

If pretty diaries are your thing then I totally recommend checking out Busy B. Their designs are so freaking cute and they make any planner look adorable and straight out of Pinterest. The layout is also great, there is space for reminders on each side, 4 timetable places and the right amount of space to write without squishing everything in. I think they are often overlooked as people generally buy their diaries in person as you know exactly what you’re getting but they offer great reviews, many inside photos and 15% off your first order – making it hard to resist!


The Palgarve student planner is the number one bestseller on Amazon for academic planners. It has advice for personal finance, personal goals, time management and CV building. There is honestly a reason it’s a best seller – because it has everything you could ever need! The only problem with it is that it isn’t the best looking but that’s something you can easily change. Amazon is also great as it allows you to look at a few select pages from the inside to get an idea of what you’re getting. The size is perfect for everything that it provides for you but sometimes it does seem a little jampacked. I mean CV building is a great idea but is also you can just Google and doesn’t necessarily require space in a planner.










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I think there is definitely certain thoughts university students have when it comes to writing a dreaded essay. I seem to experience all of these so please let me know that I’m not totaaaally crazy and you think these too!

  1. 10am: Ok, ok I’ll just sit down and get this over with. I’ll plan to write 500 words today and then I’m 1/4 of the way through. Yes, organisation is key. I am the pillar of success.
  2. 10:15am: It’s been 15 minutes and I haven’t got a title.. Shit.
  3. It’s midday, I think it’s time for a tea break.
  4. 2pm: Ok ok ok that tea break was a little too long.
  5. 2:15pm: Is Arial font good? I must try at least 6 different ones and pick my favourite. I need to look professional and serious.
  6. 2:45pm: Yeah maybe I should have just stuck with Arial.
  7. 4pm: This is the perfect time for me to tidy my room, I need to do some washing, make my bed…A tidy room is a tidy mind and then I’ll be set for work. Yes, this is a plan.
  8. 6pm: Dinner time! I need to remain hydrated and nourished to write my best work, of course.
  9. 7pm: AGH my essay! I need to write 500 words today.
  10. 7:30pm: God this is tiring. This all sounds awful, maybe I should start again…
  11. 7:45pm: Okay lets start a fresh. I’ll just get a cup of tea first for motivation.. Yep.. Motivation
  12. 8:45pm: This is fantastic. Bow down to me Shakespeare I am the Queen of writing.
  13. 9:30pm: I’ll just read over what I have done so far to get a good idea of where I’m going.. Yanno, train of thought, competent ideas all that jazz.
  14. 10:00pm: ….. This is a load of shit, I’ll do it tomorrow.

Repeat until the day before the deadline for a perfect student outcome.


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Bowls. Lampshades. Baskets. Plant pots. Fairy lights.

Is it sad that I never want this copper trend to end? Copper homeware is slowly taking over my life, help me!! I have recently moved in to my second year university room and I made sure that copper featured massively in my new place.

I mean check our this gorgeous lampshade from Sass and Belle. The geometric design, THE COPPER ughhhhh! It is just so gorgeous and it’s going straight in my basket.









An essential for any room is some photo frames. How about this delightful one from Paperchase? Guess what colour it is? you got it.. It’s COPPER! It’s a little bit more expensive than your average photo frame but I love the new design of glass space surrounding your photo. Very faux vintage.

Ahhh, I get it. You have now bought too many copper things and need somewhere to store them. I have your back with this one too. A COPPER WIRE BASKET from B&Q; the perfect place for storing all your copper goodies. I got myself a pack of 2 from the Range for such good value for money but the copper is quite orange toned. I would suggest getting this one from B&Q for your typical blogger goodies like a 3000 thread count Egyptian blanket or your extensive collection of Vogue magazines.

Obviously a house is not a home without kitchen essentials. Sass and Belle have got your back there too. They have a selection of bowls, cups and measuring instruments for your pleasure.  I have linked the cup below but they have a whole section on their website dedicated to COPPER GALORE


In need of a new clock? No worries, get yourself a copper one for £4.99 in B&M. Look at the design, look at it!!! It’s just perfect, come on. This clock is so sleek and trendy, I love it. I have seen a few YouTubers pick this up so clearly you’re on to a winner with this one.









Okay, Okay, I get it. I’ve shown you enough copper now. But I mean… You wouldn’t mind another few things…surely?

If you are eally in to this copper trend and don’t mind dropping a bomb on some home accessories then this lamp from is a massive £275. I know… wtf?! Ahhhh It’s undeniable that is crazy cute though, come on!

Yes what a fantastic idea, a copper toilet brush…. Wait what? Yep! The copper trend is literally extended to stuff it isn’t necessary to copper-ify? It’s also a complete waste of money at £25! I recommend popping to your local Wilko and sticking with your £1.99 plastic bargain. Okay.. Maybe people went too far…

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We all have those days.

The days where you want to wear clothes 3 sizes too big and avoid mirrors so you don’t know if you’ve gained weight. The days where you don’t do your hair and makeup and instead curl up in bed for hours and watch TV. The days where you go out with friends and in photos you can’t help but feel you look the worst.

Nobody deserves to feel that way about themselves and I thought this required some of my favourite tips for boosting your self esteem when you need it most.


Tip Number One: Write a List

This honestly seems like the hardest thing in the world to do and at first it made me feel crap but if you sit down with a pen and blank piece of paper, titling it ‘What do I love about me?’, I can assure you it won’t be empty forever. I’ll be frank, it took me a few hours to get one. I enlisted some help from my friends and boyfriend and after a day I had a list of 20 things I loved about myself that I never even thought about. It honestly can be anything from loving your baby toe or the way that you laugh so easily at films. These kind of lists help when some days are awful, trust me on that!

Tip Number Two: Hobbies

This honestly helped me so much. I suggest either taking up a hobby you already had before and have dropped or even starting something anew. When doing this, set yourself a goal that is reasonable and yet still feels a little out of reach (in order to make you work for it!) I had done some cross stitching yeaars ago and decided that for my mum’s birthday I would cross stitch a black and white cat in the garden for her (much like our 3 at home). I was really struggling while revising for my exams at university. I didn’t think I was good enough to be on my course and it was negatively impacting everything around me. Focusing energy in to something else prevents negative thoughts from consuming you, as well as being proud of yourself when you reach your goal. My mum loved her gift and I was proud of myself for trying something new and succeeding.

Tip Number Three: Make Someone Else Happy

It may seem like your achieving the opposite and boosting someone else’s self esteem but honestly, complimenting somebody else makes you feel equally as good when you know you’ve made their day. I think this point is particularly important for women as rather than pitting yourselves against one another it’s so much more rewarding to actually stop comparing and just be nice to yourselves and others. Instead of feeling jealous that someone is slimmer than you, has got the job you wanted etc. saying “well done on that promotion” or “you look fantastic today” makes them feel great and in return makes you happy. You never know, someone might have something nice to say back!
This also helps in building more friendships and support when it’s you who needs the compliment instead.

Tip Number Four: Take Care of Yourself

As I mentioned at the beginning, low self esteem days often mean you may reflect the inside on the outside. Taking the time out of your day to look after yourself is so important. So do your nails, wash your hair, do a face mask and just relax. I guarantee you will feel better soon after (and even if you don’t you’ll look good being sad eh)


Tip Number Five: Exercise

I think this is the tip everyone reads and goes ughhhh but sadly we all know it is true. Exercising will make you feel so much better and there is something about the ache the day after working out that gives you a feeling that you have achieved. I have also stumbled across some online tips about exercising while in bed which seems like a great idea. I often do small things like scissor leg lifts or a few crunches if I want to exercise but can’t bring myself to leave the comfort of bed.

And… if you don’t like that idea I would recommend just reading a lovely book in a warm bed. Nothing beats getting yourself engrossed in a good book and trying something non-fiction is also worth it too! You never know when you could use the information and learning something new is a winner for self esteem.

Ella x
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