I think we have all had several nights, or days, in our life where we have been out alone and have been worried or scared. Honestly, if you haven’t heard of it already – I have found the only personal safety app you will ever need when living on campus or in general life.

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I have been using this app for months now and unfortunately, as an ever growing issue, I felt that I must tell you about it to help benefit as many people as possible. I tried to do some research on it before I started this post and was alarmed that a quick google only pulled a handful of results. More people need to know about this app and this only compelled me more to write this post.

What is Companion and how does it work?

When you are walking from A to B or even just need a breath of fresh air, Companion allows you to ask a friend or family member to keep an eye on you throughout your journey. The best bit is that they don’t have to have the app too – they are merely sent a text saying that you would like them to keep an eye on you. The text also gives the person an interactive map so that they know whereabouts you are as you go.

If at any moment in your journey you feel worried, you have two buttons at the bottom the screen that allows you to alert your companion or the police, if necessary. Having such safety features so close to hand is brilliant and exactly how we should be using technology to protect ourselves. (Obviously, it is a terrible shame we feel the need to use such apps but I’m sure you understand my point). The creators of the app explained that when it launched in the US, the app recorded 500 incidents where the user felt unsafe in one week. 500. 500 people felt unsafe on their university campus.

The app was originally designed as a university safety tool but there is no restriction to anybody downloading and using it for their own safety too. For example, I always use it when I get the late train home into York and have to walk quite from the bus stop alone at 2 am.

What happens in an emergency?

Something I didn’t know about the app that my little bit of research pulled up is the following:

“If the user strays off their path, falls, is pushed, starts running, or has their headphones yanked out of their phone, the app detects these changes in movement and asks the user if they’re OK. If the user is fine, they press a button on the app to confirm within 15 seconds. If they do not press the button, or a real emergency is occurring, the Companion app transforms the user’s phone into a personal alarm system that projects loud noises to scare criminals from the scene, and gives you the option to instantly call the police.” – businessinsider.com

I found this video that shows you the basics of the app that might be useful to some of you too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guHZpt-PdKs

I completely swear by this app and I can’t imagine going without it when I am out alone. The best bit? The app is free to download for both Apple and Android users.

If you’re not convinced, I have no idea why! Personal safety is paramount and something like this helps instill confidence in the user when they’re alone and those that care for them (as well as fending off attackers in a real emergency).



Nikki has been one of my closest friends for years now and seeing her so passionate about Arbonne really motivated me to share her thoughts on my blog. A while ago she gave me a tonne of Arbonne products to try out which I feature in a 2 Weeks Tried and Tested post and found some real gems! So here is my interview with Nikki about what Arbonne is, what it has to offer and what makes it different to other companies out there.
For people who haven’t heard of it before, what is Arbonne?
Arbonne is a completely vegan health and wellness business that is gluten and paragon free.
They’ve been around for a lot longer than people may think. What’s the history behind it all?
A Norwegian man Petter Morck started this company 37 years ago when his passion for the beauty and perfection found only in nature led him to develop botanically based products around the Arbonne philosophy – pure, safe, beneficial. The name Arbonne comes from a village in Switzerland, which has come to mean ‘beautiful tree’.

What makes Arbonne different to other makeup businesses?
Arbonne differs A LOT. What people don’t realise about high street/designer brands is that they are sold the part of petrol which actually ISN’T GOOD ENOUGH to go into the petrol itself (the scum on top) – which makes their makeup cheaper. Arbonne uses all natural ingredients in all of their products, combining moisturising botanicals and age defying ingredients to make your skin look and feel magical and fabulous. The key botanicals are; Bamboo powder, Phytinol, and Eyebright Extract.
How has Arbonne benefited you as a business? Has the business helped you grow as an individual?
It helped me become a better person – more confident within life in general and my future career as a performer. A major part of Arbonne is personal development. There is no way you can make your way up in the business to that beautiful White Mercedes without having some personal development in your life. The aim is 10 pages a day, which isn’t that much if you really think about it!
A big discussion that is happening in the beauty community currently is testing on animals. What is Arbonne’s stance?
NO WAY JOSE! Arbonne does absolutely no way 100% NOT test on animals or condone it one bit. It completely goes against their philosophy.
What is your favourite Arbonne product?
I have SO many to choose between, but if I were to only be allowed to choose one, it would be the “It’s A Long Story Mascara”, also the new Rescue and Renew range is absolute bliss! Especially with the bamboo and green packaging.

How was the event you recently went to? It looked incredible.
PHENOMENAL!!! It was the Arbonne Annual Conference (AAC) in Glasgow, the first one I’ve been to, and it got me so inspired! If any of you have read ‘The Chimp Paradox’, then you will know the author ‘Prof Steve Peters’ – who was one of the Key Note Speakers on the first day. It was amazing, we got free lunches and an amazing ‘Cocktails and Diamonds’ party thrown for us as a well done for the progress everyone had made within the year! I’m already excited for the next one in Birmingham next year!
Do they have any new releases coming up for Christmas? Anything you’re really excited about?
YES. There is a whole new festive range coming out – 18 new products ONLY for Christmas time launching on October 2nd. They always sell out quick though so I’ve already got my pre-order in, and currently waiting for it to be delivered! I’m very excited about the new contour pallet launching. Also, not necessarily Christmas related, but there are new products coming out too. Two I am excited about are the ‘Arbonne Fit Chews’ in chocolate flavour – a healthy, chocolate snack, and also a double ended glow stick with highlight and bronzer. This glow stick was released last year for the Christmas/Festive Range and Arbonne did the AMAZING thing and brought it back as a constant seller – it will definitely sell out super quick though!
Why do you believe Arbonne deserves to be a household name alongside companies like Maybelline and Rimmel?
No one really understands the amount of crap that goes into those household brands, and they really are only bought because of the cheapness of the product, and the expensive models used which makes people think they are good products. Some of them are – don’t get me wrong – but they really have nothing on these Arbonne products with the goodness concealed inside.
Arbonne is a lot more than a standard makeup brand. What else do they focus on?
Yeah, there are so many different strands to Arbonne. There is a baby range (ABC), an anti-aging range (RE9 Advanced), nutrition range, phytosport range (informed sport certified), makeup, sensitive skin care range, men’s range, acne-prone skin, hair care, Rescue and Renew range, bath and body, sincere range. Everything is so exciting and also coming new, there are some essential oils which I cannot wait to try.


How can people get involved in the business and their continuously growing success?
It’s very easy to become involved in Arbonne. There are different ways, you can be a preferred client which gives you 25% off and it costs £17 for a year, or if you were wanting to pay full price then you would be a client. You can host parties where there is a special reward scheme – you can get ‘presents’ as a thank you. Or, if starting your own business speaks to you, then it costs £56 for a year, you get free training every Monday as well as annual training, you get help from your sponsor and everyone else on the team, and you get the opportunity to earn a bit of extra money which will help to grow your business. Feel free to email me if you have any questions and want more information! My email is nicola.meacock12@gmail.com




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I will be the first to hold my hands up and say I was excited to go to Prague but didn’t expect to fall in love with a city like I did Barcelona.

I have to admit… I did fall in love!

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I mean look at this photo?! The buildings in Prague are the most beautiful, detailed and historic I have seen in ages and every street was completely picturesque.

If you love travelling but find it quite a financial ordeal, Prague is also perfect.

Even down some of the most touristy areas, we grabbed large pizzas and a drink for around £7 each which is such good value – as well as it being amazing food too!

Also, beer in Prague is renowned for being cheap (about the same as a Diet Coke to be exact!) so if you do like a casual drink or two, it won’t break the bank.

The sites in Prague are just stunning and I found that so many things they had to offer were totally original and unique compared to other tourist cities. We went to the John Lennon Wall (photo below) which is a graffiti wall with so much culture and emotion behind it. I’ve never seen anything quite like it!

On a side note, if you love toy shops or have children, there is a crazy big Hamleys that has a slide and an ornate carousel inside!

On the last day Adam and I visited The Apple Museum as I knew beforehand that it was forecast to thunderstorm. It was quite pricey for such a small museum but it was an attraction completely different to anything we had done before. I have also included a photo of some of the Apple laptops they had displayed because it looked so cool. Steve Jobs was a phenomenal person and it was nice to learn more about his business ventures.

The transport in Prague is also super easy to navigate and understand – considering the language differences.

We used the metro to get around when the journey was long or the weather was terrible and it was great. You pay 48 CZK each for 30 minutes of travel, so around £1.70 which I think is pretty good. They only have 3 lines and everything is signposted so switching lines or knowing where your stop is, isn’t a nightmare at all and so easy!

As I mentioned earlier, the history in Prague is so rich. You can do tours and visit museums that focus on the rule of Communism or WW2 or you can marvel at the famous astronomical clock which was installed in 1410 and is one of the most amazing masterpieces of its time. So if you love history, it’s one for you!

Have you ever visited Prague?



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