Jack Whitehall @ Peterborough

On Tuesday the 28th of February, Adam and I went to go and see Jack Whitehall at Peterborough Arena. I had got Adam the tickets for his 23rd birthday in January so we had been really looking forward to it!

The tickets were around £35 each for normal seating (i.e. not crazy far back or crazy close) and I have never seen a comedian live before so it was a first for me! It was actually the last show of his tour which means it was recorded – something I am really excited to pick on DVD sometime in the future.

The Arena

It was the first time I have ever been to the Peterborough Arena so I didn’t really know what to expect. The Arena was really easy to get to – they provide the postcode to pop in your sat nav and it is super easy from there. It was a really long drive from the entrance to the actually parking area (I mean like 10-15 minutes!) but as soon as you got parked up it was really easy to get in and find your seats.

The only issue we encountered was leaving. I know that with all events, leaving at the same time is manic. The show had around 5000 people present so all leaving at half 10 at night isn’t fun. When we arrived there were people directing everyone to spaces but this wasn’t the case afterwards. Everyone had serious road rage and it was utter chaos which I’m sure could have put a downer on the end of the night for a lot of people.

Adam and I in our seats and ready for the show!

The Performance

I didn’t take any photos or videos during the show (only the encore) so I don’t have much to show you but I thought I would report our views on the show.

There were two supporting acts including Lloyd Griffith who along with being a comedian is a choir boy too! The name escapes me of the other lad but at only 19 he is doing really well to be supporting such a big name.

Jack Whitehall came in on a horse who apparently pooed on the stage and finished in a blow-up green troll costume if that gives you any idea of what it was like. He is pretty much known for being a ‘posh boy’ and this definitely correlated with a lot of his jokes – including one about meeting Prince Harry that had me in stitches.

There was also a hilarious joke that carried on to the encore about a part Jack had in Frozen – who would have known, right?! And if you’re thinking, “I don’t remember Jack in Frozen..“, well that’s because his line was cut. He was even seen promoting the film which you can find clips for on YouTube which is absolutely hilarious looking back on it! His encore included mocking and aggravating a woman singing ‘Let it Go’ while he tries to say his infamous line that got cut by Hollywood bosses which had the whole room doubled over laughing!

Basically, if you happen to catch the DVD sometime soon, expect jokes on stag parties, having to be sober at a Muslim wedding and playing would you rather with a child and being the posh boy who advertises ASDA.

(A blurry photo of Jack Whitehall in a green blow-up troll outfit surrounded by glitter canons… Weird!)

Final Thoughts

The show lasted from 8pm to around 10:30pm so for around £35 you got so much comedic material that it was totally worth it. I absolutely loved seeing him live and I wouldn’t think twice about purchasing tickets to see a comedian again. I would give the whole show a 4.5/5 purely because I didn’t cry with laughter – not to say it didn’t have me in stitches!

Ella xo

Have you been to any good events or shows recently?



  1. March 8, 2017 / 4:58 pm

    Sounds fab! Must admit I’d never considered Jack Whitehall for stand-up, but I certainly wouldn’t say no, sounds like a great evening (aside from the mass exodus at the end). I’ve only been to one stand-up, which was Russell Howard, and there really is something awesome about the atmosphere of seeing it live!

    • March 9, 2017 / 3:19 pm

      Ah I love Russell Howard! I totally agree about the atmosphere, it makes all the difference 🙂 If he does another tour sometime soon, I would definitely recommend it! xx

  2. March 14, 2017 / 5:38 pm

    IM SO JEALOUS! I love Jack Whitehall 🎉🎉 this was such a lovely post xx

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