March Wishlist

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I did a February Wishlist (here) last month and I really enjoyed it. I therefore thought I would do a little post of the things I am lusting over in March.

Coconut Oil

I constantly see posts about the amazing magical powers of coconut oil and I really need to get my hands on some. It’s good for eczema, promotes weight loss, gives your silky hair, can be used for shaving and makeup remover (and that doesn’t even seem to cover half of it!) Maybe this month I’ll get my hands on some.

Bourgois Healthy Mix Foundation


I have been thinking about getting this foundation for ages! The only thing that has stopped me so far is the fact that I already have a few I need to work my way through first. It has such great reviews, especially for dry skin, and this really interests me. I am always a little nervous when it comes to buying new foundation but I think this month I might bite the bullet and get it. The Serum version is on ASOS here and it’s currently on offer in Boots for £7.99 here if you’re interested yourself.

Black Barely There Heels

My black heels really enjoy eating away at the back of my ankle which, understandably, isn’t a whole lot of fun on a night out. I really want to get a new pair, and I love the ‘barely there’ style as I feel like it slims down my legs. I saw a pair in Primark for £10 recently so maybe I’ll have to grab them and try them out! The only problem is that the cobbled streets of York means that block heels are a necessity.

Imperium DVD

Slightly different to my beauty and fashion wish list but I am dying to get my hands on he Imperium DVD. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s described “a film that offers moviegoers the sight of Daniel Radcliffe as a young FBI agent who infiltrates a white supremacist organisation, occasionally being forced to spew racist invective”. It is undoubtedly a little controversial and it doesn’t have the greatest reviews but I am still really interested in seeing it. I also adore Daniel Radcliffe which may factor in there! It’s currently just £5 on TESCO which is linked here.

Ella xo

What is on your current wishlist?



  1. March 6, 2017 / 6:04 pm

    I think you should treat yourself to those Primani heels to celebrate the hard work on your course! I’ve seen Imperium; it could have been better but I certainly found it to be a decent watch and it kept me engaged, where as most films seem to send me to sleep lately.

    • March 7, 2017 / 9:47 am

      You’ve seen it? I honestly haven’t met anyone who has yet, how strange. Thank you for your review of it! I really want to but I have been so spendy recently that I also need to restrain myself… haha! xx

  2. March 6, 2017 / 6:46 pm

    Coconut oil is amazing I use if for everything, I even use it on my teeth. It is said to be a natural teeth whitener. It is definitely handy to have around!

    • March 7, 2017 / 9:45 am

      Really?! What doesn’t it do! I’m just getting more and more persuaded by everyone now! Haha, thank you 🙂 xx

    • March 7, 2017 / 9:45 am

      I have some nude patent style ones which are great but because they’re nude and so open they’re so easy to slip out of! Hahah xx

  3. March 6, 2017 / 9:06 pm

    My son swears by coconut oil, so you could try some…my number one item on my wishlist is a new phone…!

    • March 7, 2017 / 9:43 am

      I really do need to get my hands on it – it’s good for everything! Ohh dear, has yours gone wrong?! xx

      • March 7, 2017 / 10:13 am

        B&M if you have one…they sell the same coconut oil there as Holland and Barrett for a fraction of the price…and a new phone because this one is really slow now…I aspire to an Iphone although I probably wouldn’t know how to work it..!! 🙂 x

        • March 7, 2017 / 10:14 am

          I have one close by actually, I’ll nip in at the weekend! Thank you 🙂 Ahh that sucks then. Haha, they’re definitely a nightmare to get your head around at first! Hope you get a new one soon!!

    • March 7, 2017 / 9:42 am

      Ah really!? Thank you so much! I’ll check it out now 🙂 xxx

    • March 14, 2017 / 7:27 pm

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I NEED to get my hands on it really?!! xx

  4. March 17, 2017 / 4:28 am

    I love coconut oil! Its so effective and you can use it for multiple purposes! I just followed you too! I post every day mostly but not restricted to fashion and travel haha. I just posted my London trip! Hope to hear from you! XOXO CHY

    • March 17, 2017 / 12:50 pm

      Thank you so much for commenting 🙂 Everyone is just convincing me I need to get my hands on some! I just followed you back – your blog is gorgeous 🙂 xxx

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