Christmas Under £10: Secret Santa Ideas

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I love Christmas and Secret Santa gifts so I thought I would do a little post on some of my favourite ideas for under £10, enjoy!

Adult Colouring Books/Join the Dots

I was lucky to be gifted one of these for Christmas from my university friends. They are such great presents and there is such an extensive collection of them nowadays that you can’t really go wrong! The Works always have a great collection (here).
Joining the dots books have also become increasingly popular recently and I have seen a lot of the floating about (with up to 1000 or so points!?) of sights of the Works etc. I have linked an Amazon one here that is super cool.

Mugs and Hot Chocolate

I think that mugs have a lot of scope around them. One of my university friends is obsessed with pugs so I picked up a New Look mug for her for Christmas that had a matching coaster.
They are such a traditional Secret Santa present that you can personalise really well. I love the initial ones that have become really popular recently – you can get such lovely ones!
I mean… You can also go with the classic ‘I’m a Twat’ mug too (here)!
I also think that getting some really nice hot chocolate, tea or coffee to go with the mug is a nice idea (just make sure you know what they prefer!) I love the hot chocolate that is on a stick and you can stir it in – a bit like the Lush fairy wand! It is also really nice if you make your own batch of hot chocolate – recipe here.


Novelty socks, pretty socks, slipper socks… Being younger, I think we often laughed at the idea of socks but now they often make a great little stocking filler or Secret Santa. If you have a really tight budget for gifts – socks is a good bet! ASOS always stock some great Christmas ones – featuring lots of pugs and cacti – so check them out here.
Topshop is also perfect as they often have a deal on for 3 for £8 (here)

Scratch Map

Again, I was really lucky to get one of these for Christmas this year. I think they are a great present for someone who likes travelling or someone who wants to travel someday. It is so amazing to see where you have been and be inspired to visit more places. You can pick one of the travel sized ones on Amazon for for £6.99 (here)

Novelty Book

I think the past year has seen such an increase in small novelty books that are tailored to so many different people. They always make me laugh and they are something you never pick up for yourself – making the perfect Secret Santa gift. The Rapper’s Cook Book is one of my personal favourites (here) as well as this hilarious one about Tinder Nightmares (here).
ASOS have a great stock for under £10, most of them catered towards people who love a good joke. Expect a lot of crude book titles like ‘___ Things To Do While You Poo’ or How To guides about flirting, travelling and being the perfect man/woman. You can’t go wrong with a book of Cat Selfies either really! Check them out here

I hope you liked this post! I love budget Secret Santa/stocking filler ideas so I thought I would share a few with you guys.

What is the best Secret Santa present you have given or received?





  1. December 11, 2016 / 10:25 pm

    Some great ideas..I saw a mug with a picture of a fox on and the words ” for fox sake”…found that quite funny!

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