University: Room Tour (Part 2!)

I posted my first University Room Tour last month and you guys really seemed to like it (and I loved writing it!)
I didn’t show you everything in my room so I thought that I would give you another insight in to my student accommodation today.

I’ll start with my bookcase. This was from IKEA (£25) and I brought it up from my room at home when I moved in.


Top Shelf:
The top shelf houses my English Literature books. There is the hefty Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism and an array of Oxford Classics including Lyrical Ballads, Le Morte D’Arthur and Silas Marner. I have this really cute photo of me and my cat on a ‘forget me not’ clip that was a little present from my mum ages ago that I love.

Second Shelf:
The Second shelf is home to my Philosophy books, books outside my course (such as The Silkworm and Anne Franks’ Diary) and other various books like The Leaving Home Survival Guide and Nosh for Students. I keep my Gucci Premiere perfume, which is the best, and my Soap and Glory body spray here as they’re so easy to grab. The lovely engraved box was a present from my boyfriend’s mum last year and I keep my earphones and pins for my notice board inside.

Bottom Shelf:
The bottom shelf is the most mundane – unless you hate English Literature books! – the small collapsable white box is from H&M and was only £3.99 (black one linked here). I have such a small room so I had no space for a laundry basket so.. you guessed it.. this is it! Next to that I just keep my umbrella and some lint rollers which is super boring really.

Next is my little unit that is under my desk. I have literally no space to store all my work and stationery (which I have a lot of!) so for my birthday I was lucky to get this IKEA unit which is only £10! It is super handy and now keeps all my university things organised.
The top shelf stores mainly my notepads and other things I may have to grab like my glasses cleaner – fun fun fun!
The middle shelf is mainly work that I have yet to file, reading booklets and dividers for my folders.
The bottom shelf is all my stationery – it’s basically a breeding ground for post it notes!


Finally I have the small space above my bed. I suppose I could have used this to store work but climbing across my bed every day didn’t seem a great idea – especially when the bed is perfectly made!  I have this gorgeous canvas of my cat that was a gift from my mum but if you just google for ‘personalised canvas’ there are so many websites that offer you a similar item. I have my little birthday Grumpy Cat (which you guessed it… was for my birthday) as well as a sign about cats that I picked up from eBay for around £3.50. I have linked one available to buy here. (Basically, I love cats). I love this light up E that I picked up in The Range for £6.99, it looks amazing lit up at night.
Just behind all this is a copper basket that just has all my pjs in.
At the end are my two folders, one for English Literature and one for Philosophy. I decided to get some plain ones but I often get bored of brightly coloured or patterned ones and these seemed more suitable. I picked them up in Wilkinsons last year. (similar linked here).


I hoped you enjoyed this second sneak peek in to my university bedroom!

What was your favourite thing I mentioned?






  1. November 12, 2016 / 7:51 pm

    I can’t believe that little IKEA unit is only £10! Defo need one of those for my uni room! x

    • November 12, 2016 / 10:54 pm

      So good isn’t it! It was a bit of a bitch to build though hahaha x

  2. November 14, 2016 / 6:30 am

    I love the light up E & copper wire basket, they’re little touches that really bring the room together (:.

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